“Be one of a kind” podcast: new episodes to discover the perspective of those who are changing the world

July 8, 2021

Globant is launching the second season of the “Be one of a kind” podcast, a space to learn and be inspired by disruptive minds that make an impact with their ideas and projects. 

In July, Globant will launch the first of five episodes that will make up the second season of the Be one of a Kind podcast, a space that aims to make visible inspiring stories of leaders and entrepreneurs in the world of technology who are hacking the status quo in their respective fields.

In each episode, Patricia Pomies, Chief Operating Officer at Globant, poses trigger questions so that the guests can share their point of view and delve deeper into topics such as innovation, diversity and inclusion. “We created this space to achieve a greater purpose: hack inequality and make the world a better place. In each episode, we reflect on key issues in order to bring about true transformation,” highlighted Patricia.

Special guests to get inspired and connect

The main goal of this series of talks is to discover the ideas of passionate people who dared to go above and beyond and whose entrepreneur spirit is helping make the world a better place, revolutionizing social, environmental, economic and cultural spaces.  

This season will feature these guests:

  • Gabriela Terminielli, Vice President of Voces Vitales Argentina. In this episode, we will analyze the role of women in finance and boards of directors.
  • Maren Lau, Regional Vice President, Latin America at Facebook. This episode will focus on social media and social transformations.
  • Beatriz Argimón, Vice President of Uruguay and Chairwoman of the Uruguayan Senate. With Beatriz we are going to discuss the role of the government in narrowing the gender gap.
  • Maria Benjumea, President and Founder Spain StartUp. In this episode, we will focus on the relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • María Gabriela Hoch, Founder & Executive Director at WE Evolution Empowerment. In this episode, we will discuss empowerment and spiritual leadership.

Hacking inequality

Promoting diversity and inclusion is part of our culture, it’s a way of being, living and working in this world. The Be One of a Kind podcast is part of our “Be Kind” initiative, our global sustainability strategy to transform reality. Our commitment arose as a call to action to build a more balanced and fair future together. We started from the outside in, making an impact on our peers (Be kind to your peers), the planet (Be kind to the planet), humanity as a whole (Be kind to humanity) and, finally, ourselves (Be kind to yourself).

The new season of the podcast is focused on gender equality, diversity, digital accessibility, and other issues related to Be kind to your peers. Soon we will launch new episodes related to the other pillars. Don’t miss it! 

We invite you to enjoy these stories, learn from inspiring experiences told by their protagonists, and build a more balanced and fair future together.

Click here to listen to our podcast.

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