The value of silence, for ourselves and businesses

April 25, 2023

“Listen to silence. It has so much to say.” – Rumi

The power and importance of silence is not unheard of. There are multiple benefits when one enjoys a moment full of silence that can impact our physical well-being and mental health, such as: lowering blood pressure and cortisol, relieving stress and anxiety, increasing concentration, focus, and creativity, ameliorating insomnia, and leading to self-awareness and mindfulness.  

In a world full of noise and overwhelming stimulation, quiet time can aid in information processing, enhancing memory, and even production levels: “Taking time to daydream may actually improve your productivity tenfold.”

Silence is still golden

In today’s world, it’s a fact that noise invades almost every space, from the environment to city life, events, and even at home and the office. We struggle to find spaces and places free of the background soundtrack of home appliances, work equipment, technology, transportation, airplanes, television, traffic, and more which all contribute to noise pollution. It is almost as if quiet spaces have become a luxury, or as The New York Times called it, a “luxury product.” 

Silence is making some noise in the business world, with some leaders at Amazon “using silent starts for some time to commence some business meetings…even one minute of silence allows meeting attendees to recover, recharge, reconnect, refocus, and reset their brains.”

In fact, according to Bastian Overgaard, author of the renowned book “Noise Free Leadership,” silence is a powerful tool in the corporate world, as it can help leaders lead better and increase employee productivity.

Globant introduces the Quiet Room, giving silence a time and place

Globant is launching Quiet Rooms at different sites throughout 2023, including spaces at our offices in Cali, Buenos Aires, Indore, Sao Paulo, San Jose, and Cluj. The goal of the Quiet Rooms is to have a unique space for people who work at different Globant sites (Globers) designed to pause and encourage self-awareness of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states in the act of self-care.

“The Quiet Room gives you a moment for yourself, not to connect with technology or actions but to receive silence as a gift. You should use this space without instructions; you don’t need to meditate or do anything specific; allow silence to do its job. We want to offer a nice space to reset physically, mentally, and emotionally and to step away from whatever might overwhelm you.” – Milagros Olivera, Be Kind to Yourself Manager at Globant. 

This is a self-care space, a place to stop the accelerated pace of everyday life and take time for oneself, taking distance from the excess of communicational and technological saturation. Free from external stimuli, it is easier to slow down, re-energize, connect with our feelings, and re-frame our state of mind.

The design is meant to offer an experience of the senses, seeking to anchor and connect its visitors to the here and now. It’s free of technology devices and interaction and uses music, aroma, textures, and colors to provide a relaxed and present atmosphere. To access the Quiet Room, Globers must leave cell phones or computers outside and remove their shoes.

The Quiet Room is part of Globant’s Be Kind To Yourself initiative. Learn more about Globant’s Be Kind pillars here.

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