MyFootprint: Globant tackles the climate emergency with technology

An idea with a purpose, and a group of Globers wanting to change the world, were the perfect combination to create MyFootprint, a web app that allows Globant to mitigate its environmental impact and accomplish its “Be Kind to the Planet” goals.


“There is no Planet B” should not just be a slogan heard in conferences against climate change, it should be a call to action for everyone. Today, total fossil CO2 emissions, which are the primary driver of global climate change, have increased 62% over 1990 levels when international climate negotiations began. Facts like this challenge us to think about how the technology industry can support this critical situation and how our technical know-how and digital tools can be used to stop climate change.

As part of our Be Kind to the Planet environmental objectives, we want to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2021. To reach this goal, we are measuring, reducing, and reporting our carbon footprint. We will also invest in innovative projects that remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

With this goal in mind, a group of 12 Globanteers created, through Globant Labs, MyFootprint, a web app that allows us to calculate the carbon footprint generated by more than 16,000 Globers and their work.


“When I start participating in the project I want to gain new experiences and proficiency, but as the project progressed, my interest in the subject grew. The impact on the environment and how it raises awareness of the CO2 emissions we produce, was what drove me to continue.”, said Yamit Villamil, one of the Globers who participated.



Once the initial minimum viable product (MVP) was launched, in 2020, we invited our Globers around the world to measure their footprint. We asked them to bear in mind that Covid-19 had changed many of our mobility dynamics, so we asked them to complete the information taking into account a typical trip to the offices before the pandemic. 

Through MyFootprint, we were able to carry out a more exhaustive analysis of our indirect emissions and realized that in 2019 we had emitted more than 8,000 tonnes of CO2e through Globers’ trips to the offices. Due to the Covid-19 new normal, our commuting emissions were reduced to around 6,000 tonnes CO2e. This represents 12,000 flights from London to Glasgow.

In 2021 we will focus on adding more features, such as the impact of working from home, while we plan innovative initiatives to reduce our current emissions to contribute to being kind to the planet!


Our New App: My FootPrint 

We can share some interesting results about our 2020 Globers commuting habits (note, the results are approximate).

imagen footprint

The time is now! The future is challenging us and we have the opportunity to play an important role in climate change guided by our Be Kind to the Planet environmental objectives. 

Be Kind to the Planet is a team effort to transform our company into a net-positive environmental agent and a leader in sustainable transformations.


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There is no Planet B. We all need to commit to this cause, for this generation and the ones to come. We have always believed sustainable practices to be key in our development: we have engaged in practices for lowering energy consumption and reducing disposable waste. While we reduce our carbon footprint through science-based targets, we are going to compensate for all remaining emissions.