Sowing the seeds for a more sustainable future through technology, education, and action

April 20, 2023

As part of Globant’s public commitments through our Be Kind to the Planet team, we reinforce our duty to the climate through specific technology, innovation, and reinvention actions. We acknowledge that a thriving company is a sustainable one that focuses on applying intuitive and agile technologies to achieve sustainable development and help organizations walk the path toward a low-carbon economy. Successful companies reinvent themselves. We enable reinvention for clients to create a sustainable future.

Leadership teams should consider whether they’re utilizing game-changing technology and digital approaches to accomplish their sustainability objectives, or overlooking a critical component of this essential business issue. At Globant, we take responsibility to quantify and consider carbon-equivalent emissions of every action we perform as an end-to-end digitally native company. We face this challenge through the following three branches:


  • Green IT

We are continually investing in making greener products and software. We are actively focused on accelerating this result through key efforts such as joining the Green Software Foundation steering committee, an institution of global organizations committed to creating best practices for building sustainable software that reduces digital products’ carbon footprints. Because we are confident that the power of technology will help us build a more sustainable future, we backed the 2022 Green Software Foundation’s Hackathon, an event centered on building the most cutting-edge software solutions that are mindful of carbon emissions and prioritize efficiency and clean electricity.

Top companies are starting to recognize that achieving sustainability as a competitive advantage is based on the early integration of technology and data. Our “Digital Sobriety” techniques are intended to support our clients, through the design of digital services and products, in their quest to reduce their GHG emissions. We are committed to applying intuitive and agile technologies to achieve sustainable development and help organizations transform into low carbon businesses driven by more stringent environmental commitments. 

Technology is a window into key insights about our behavior and effects on climate change, that’s why at Globant Labs we designed MyFootprint, a platform that measures and calculates the working carbon footprint generated by more than 26,000 Globers in more than 20 countries. The web app not only measures each Glober’s labor carbon footprint, but also raises awareness about what actions are necessary to reduce and mitigate their environmental impact. 

Organizations should also track and monitor digital carbon emissions from digital products and services. With Kenari, we help organizations understand these emissions and make decisions to reduce their impact. Kenari enables companies to measure, identify, and deploy improvements that help reduce digital emissions while keeping track of carbon efficiency KPI, monitoring its evolution over time.


  • Education, trainings, and climate literacy

We are certain of the power of education and we practice this belief with our teams. Our Globers are not only trained to follow a sustainable mindset but also to help us design and develop sustainable technologies.  According to the United Nations, education is the key to addressing climate change. The importance of increasing ‘climate literacy’, meaning expanding the understanding of global warming and its impact, will help us unite and take action to build a greener future. 

In order to offer Globers an opportunity to learn how to implement sustainability in their work, we provide Green IT training at Globant University. In these courses, we explore the main concepts related to the emissions and energy consumption necessary for producing and providing IT products and services. We introduce the core principles of Green Software and Digital Sobriety and learn about creating sustainable digital solutions by understanding the digital carbon footprint, energy efficiency and the pillars, methodology and impact behind this practice.


  • Our Environmental performance 

In Globant’s latest edition of its Integrated Report, we present advances in our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance during 2022. 

Inspired by our Be Kind to the Planet initiative, our commitment to being environmentally responsible has led us to integrate climate risk management and opportunity identification into our governance strategy and disclosure efforts. Additionally, we are proud to announce our near-term science-based targets who lead our way forward to a 1.5°C world with a clear decarbonization action plan in place.

Our Climate strategy joins the global movement of leading companies to tackle climate change by promoting, both internally and externally, four simultaneous efforts: measure, reduce, compensate, and disclose.


  • Green Globanteering

Globant has launched multiple cleanup actions in different parts of the world through volunteers from various institutions and charities. The results are over 1 ton of waste collected, benefiting 3.7k individuals and communities.

The action was made possible with the support and participation of 1600 Globanteers (A fusion of words of Globers – people who work at Globant- and volunteers), and 45 social organizations from 30 cities across 13 countries.


  • Green Buildings 

Globant opened the first sustainable building in Tandil, Argentina, 2023. The 4,700 square meter intelligent building combines technology with natural resources to minimize environmental impact. This is the first intelligent building in Tandil, one of the first to have Leed Platinum Certification from design to construction and the first to obtain the WELL certification in the country. The project was chosen by public competition from over 100 architectural firms and features solar panels, water recovery, waste pre-sorting and recycling facilities. The architects in charge were Alric Galindez, F9studio and Marantz.  The building has a sustainable design that interprets the climate and optimizes natural resources and building systems in order to minimize the environmental impact of the buildings on the environment and the inhabitants.

“When we decided to embark on an office project in Tandil, we did it with the strong conviction of developing the industry of knowledge and decentralizing employment opportunities. The technology sector is the great bridge that Argentina has to become a global reference; to reduce the social gap with quality, inclusive and federal employment. We are convinced that the knowledge economy has a unique capacity to democratize global opportunities and Tandil is one more example of this”.- Martín Migoya,  Co-founder and CEO of Globant. 

Globant aims to become a 100% sustainable company prioritizing environmental and diversity issues. 

Take a look at Globant’s Iconic building in Tandill 



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There is no Planet B. We all need to commit to this cause, for this generation and the ones to come. We have always believed sustainable practices to be key in our development: we have engaged in practices for lowering energy consumption and reducing disposable waste. While we reduce our carbon footprint through science-based targets, we are going to compensate for all remaining emissions.