Inspiring Glober Story: When being yourself makes the difference

June 16, 2021
Inspiring Glober Stories

This article is part of our series of Inspiring Glober Stories. These are stories of people, who with passion, courage and creativity overcame obstacles, made their dreams come true, or helped change the world. We hope you enjoy it and find it inspiring!

When I was a kid someone asked me: what do you want to be when you grow up? And my answer was: “I want to be an inventor.”
While this call somehow vanished from my top of mind, I got my Engineering degree, started my first job in marketing and traveled to France to get my Master’s degree in business consulting. Without even planning it (but definitely not by coincidence), I got educated in the main skills an ‘inventor’ (aka entrepreneur) needs:

  1. Understanding how shit works (engineering)
  2. Understanding what people need (marketing)
  3. Scaling the impact I can provide with an innovative solution (business consulting).

There was still a 4th item, even more important than all three mentioned above, that I needed to address:

  1. Who am I?

This last concept is the difference between “what I want to do” and “who I want to be.”  Knowing more about my passions, my strengths, and my limitations is what will finally help me understand how to evolve as a human being and how to use my skills to better serve the world around me, from within, in a genuine way (in other words: how to be happier at work, among other areas).

Ok, so who am I? 

I am the fifth of six siblings, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Family guy, sports lover (soccer, surfing and skiing are my favorites), into learning about new cultures, but still passionate about mine, socially driven, with a special sensibility for music (I love parties), future-centric (tech lover), and curious by nature.

What is my reality now? 

Married for almost three years (family guy), I live in California (into learning new cultures), 2 hours away from the snow (into skiing) and 30 minutes away from the ocean (into surfing). Co-founder at Playa Champions (passionate about soccer), which introduced me to lots of new friends, one of them, Lucho, who referred me to my current position at Globant (tech lover; still passionate about my culture). Always learning something new: from how to Dj (special sensitivity for music) to quantum physics (curious by nature). Currently hosting purpose driven activities, such as playing soccer with inmates at a jail 2 hours away from Los Angeles (socially driven).
Always grateful for what I have, I don’t know what life will bring in the future, but I know that being myself will always be key to take me to good places.
One thing I will never know is how my life would have looked like if I had decided to hide my sexual orientation (yes guys, I’m gay), but I can tell you I wouldn’t change it for my current one. Being gay or straight is just one of many traits of someone’s personality, which adds to who you are, but doesn’t define you as a person.
And now it’s your turn: who are you?

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