Eduencers, Strengthening the educational landscape in India through teachers and tech

July 12, 2022

According to an October 2021 UNESCO report, only 36% of all children in India’s schools received educational learning material during the pandemic. Teachers play a crucial role in ensuring quality education for their students to ensure no child is left behind. 

Because of that, at Globant, we launched Educencers, our main initiative to bring technological tools and applications that facilitate the teacher’s work in the classroom while making students’ approaches to technology more friendly. 

As a first step, we wish to contribute to ensuring educational opportunities reach students from India while making sure they acquire the critical skills needed in IT. Globant partnered with ICT Academy to support the Teachers’ Empowerment Program. The goal is to train and prepare 400 teachers from Maharasthra and Karnataka on digital teaching skills for their students in their learning journey. 

Globant and ICT Academy join hands for teachers’ digital empowerment.

Teachers are vital allies to significantly impactthe whole student journey, being the bridges between students and identifying real-life opportunities. We asked ourselves: “how can we make sure students learn about tech and its opportunities if there are teachers who haven’t had the chance to gain the skills to accompany their students in this discovery?” 

With this idea in mind, Globant and ICT Academy joined forces to support a program to empower teachers with skills to leverage their digital teaching capabilities and effectively accompany their students in their digital learning journey. Through a 40-hour training, teachers began with information technology basics, evolving to engagement strategies for digital classrooms, the importance of digital transformation, and the future of education. 

“Teachers need to change their traditional teaching methods and become accustomed to evolving technology-centered digital way of teaching,” says ICT Academy Head of Corporate & Government initiatives Suresh Babu. “On behalf of ICT Academy, we would like to sincerely thank the Leadership & CSR Team of Globant India for supporting this unique need-of-the-hour initiative for the state of Karnataka and Maharashtra.”

The results

Mr. Santosh Naik is a JSPM’S Blossom Public School teacher in Maharashtra, Pune. During the pandemic, he usually gave a class to kids remotely. In March, he registered to receive the Teachers’ Empowerment Program certification, undergoing and completing the program. 

“The training program was exciting and interactive. The training program covered content on the basics like digital board preparation of attractive PPTs for remote students. Looking forward to attending many more useful training programs,” said Mr. Naik. 

The program has benefited 242 teachers since its launch in 2020, and another 185 teachers will be impacted in May ’22.

Globant’s commitment to education

We are convinced that technology can provide endless opportunities to transform the future of our communities and the world. When it comes to education, integrating educational and learning opportunities with technology is imperative to prepare and accompany generations with the skills for the future of work at scale.

Eduencers was one of several programs which aimed to make a difference in the global educational landscape through tech. In 2020, when the pandemic broke out, Globant volunteers trained more than 3,500 teachers and 180 schools using technology and digital teaching platforms

We also focus on inspiring, training, and helping people join the digital ecosystem while building bridges with local communities. Through our Code Your Future initiatives, we seek to train and accompany underrepresented talent into the IT workforce. Meanwhile, our Inspire initiatives seek to light the spark for young minds to get closer to tech through initiatives like Empower Her and our newest Inspire Garage program. 

Eduencers is an initiative of The Inspire Garage program, whose ultimate goal is to bring technology to the classroom in a friendly way for teenagers. Teachers are fundamental in guiding students when choosing their careers after graduation. Hence the initiative is called “Eduencers,” influencers in education. 

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