Diversity and Inclusion Matter

May 3, 2019

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization.” —Mahatma Gandhi

We believe in a world of free people who can develop their full potential in their day-to-day lives—a world rich in creativity and innovation that looks to the future, but with strong roots that preserve the multicultural value of its members.
At Globant, we share a great purpose: to be the best at what we do, and to be sure that what we do has a positive impact on the community. We are convinced that we will only achieve this if we have the best and brightest among us, and if those talented individuals shine at full capacity. And we know from experience that there is no innovation without diversity, and there is no improvement without plurality.
Both diversity and inclusion are key to our business. Technology requires us to innovate constantly, and there is no effective way to innovate if we don’t take time to connect different points of view. Our process needs to be as diverse as our clients and their final users, or it will not work. We live out our belief that a person who thinks or lives differently is not a threat or a problem; on the contrary, they offer everyone an opportunity to learn, grow, and co-create.
For us, Diversity & Inclusion extends beyond our race, caste, color, origin, ancestry, genetic information, any kind of disability, medical condition, religion, belief, citizenship, political activity or affiliation, veteran status, age, seniority, marital and civil status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, sex, or gender. We face all of these aspects of our humanity at the intersection of three of our values: Constantly Innovate, being a Team Player, and Act Ethically. That’s why we advocate for an inclusive and diverse culture, which filters into every aspect of our community.

Beyond advocating: preserving the commitment

We also have to watch, proactively, to make sure that we protect this spirit and commitment. We will not allow anything to threaten it. Globant’s leadership has promised to provide all the necessary tools to make sure that all Globers feel comfortable, have the possibility to fully develop their potential, and to have a diverse co-creation space with diverse points of view.
We love—and really need—to have great inclusive diversity in our workspaces. That’s why we’re asking for your support and commitment to achieve it. Here are 3 tips that we can use to make Globant an even better place:

  • Be empathetic. Set aside your prejudices and make an effort to understand that being part of different teams will yield better results for everyone, at the end of the day.
  • Be inclusive. We spend at least a third of our day at work. Let’s make it comfortable for everyone.
  • Be global. Remember that we are a global company, and that what may seem normal in your culture might offend a Glober in another part of the world. Be aware of the differences between all of us and take time to understand the way other cultures work.

Globant is open to anyone who, with passion and respect, wants to be a leader of the digital and cognitive revolution in which we now live.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion are key to our business. Technology requires us to innovate constantly, and we can only achieve this if we bring together different points of view. Some of the areas we are working on include focusing on improving gender equality in our industry, inclusive hiring practices, and helping people to achieve a work-life balance.