Kindness: how businesses can enhance and improve the workplace

November 13, 2023

World Kindness Day, celebrated annually on November 13, encourages acts of kindness towards others, oneself, and the planet. It aims to highlight how compassion is the thread that connects us all. Recognizing the strength of kindness has the potential to transcend national boundaries and unite us. Initiated by the World Kindness Movement in Tokyo in 1998, it has evolved into an international movement that underscores the significant impact of kindness.

What is the meaning of kindness at Globant?

On World Kindness Day, Globant celebrates the Be Kind Strategy, as it is more than a set of commitments but a roadmap that guides the organization toward a future where kindness, innovation, and responsible business practices converge for the betterment of the global community. 

Globant’s Be Kind program is integral to the culture, aiming to make reinvention a force for positive change. The program underlines Globant’s commitment to a culture of diversity, a sustainable future, and individual growth through technology​​. 

Be Kind operates on four pillars (Be Kind to Yourself, Be Kind to Humanity, Be Kind to Your Peers, and Be Kind to the Planet). They focus on integrity, the well-being of people, community, and environmental care​​, and embracing responsibility for positive change by maximizing personal well-being​​. It promotes a diverse and inclusive culture with solutions for all​​, leveraging technology to address humanity’s significant problems and provide opportunities to underserved communities​​. The critical aspects of the Be Kind program are:

Inclusive and Diverse Environment: The program is rooted in the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), aiming to create an inclusive and diverse workplace. It sees reinvention as a catalyst for positive transformation.

The well-being of Global Workforce: A robust wellness plan is carried out to ensure that every Globant team member has access to a program that addresses physical, mental, and emotional health, prioritizing the well-being of each employee.

Gender Diversity in Leadership: A commitment to achieving gender diversity in management positions. Globant strives for a 50% representation of women and non-binary individuals, believing that diverse perspectives are crucial for innovation and organizational excellence.

Environmental Stewardship: Globant is pursuing carbon neutrality in alignment with the Science-Based Targets Initiative’s standards, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable business practices and contributing to the Race to Zero Initiative.

Technology Ethics: Globant takes a stand against potential technology misuse through the Be Kind program. The Be Kind.Tech Fund, a $10 million initiative, aims to invest in startups addressing ethical concerns and challenges in the tech industry. Additionally, there is a commitment to granting coding scholarships and providing training to 15,000 individuals by 2025, showcasing dedication to ensuring technology serves humanity responsibly.

Why is kindness a good business strategy?

Kindness has many benefits in the workplace, as it is the cornerstone of a thriving corporate culture. It fosters an environment of mutual respect and collaboration where employees feel valued and supported. This sense of belonging can increase morale, enhance teamwork, and decrease stress levels, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction. 

Moreover, kindness acts as a catalyst for creativity and innovation. When treated compassionately, team members are likelier to take calculated risks and contribute unique ideas without fearing harsh judgment. Ultimately, kindness nurtures a more pleasant workplace atmosphere and drives sustainable business success by cultivating an engaged, loyal, and motivated workforce.

The significance of kindness for personal fulfillment and the enhancement of a company’s financial performance has been increasingly highlighted in the past few years, with a preference for kindness-valuing companies by 77% of job hunters. Industry specialists now regard a kind-hearted workplace culture as a norm, crucial for the prosperity of an organization, and key to boosting employee involvement, contentment, and efficiency. It is evidence that underlines the importance of integrating kindness into corporate strategies, demonstrating its instrumental role in fostering a collaborative and supportive office environment.

Businesses and organizations implementing a kindness strategy will see results in the well-being of their workforce and company as the contemporary business landscape increasingly regards kindness as a fundamental standard. A kind environment inevitably results in enhanced collaboration in companies and innovation among staff, positioning themselves advantageously in the market.

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