Tristan Harris and how Humane Technology is facing global social challenges

November 2, 2022

During the past two decades, technology and innovation have been the two main components that have led Globant to help reinvent organizations and industries. 

Technology has helped improve millions of lives worldwide, opening the door to new opportunities, possibilities, and solutions. It has been the tool that allows us to reinvent our connections to brands, communities, and each other. However, there’s also another side of technology that, when misapplied, can affect people negatively and divide communities. 

Recognizing the need to do more, Globant decided to create the Be Kind Tech Fund; an initiative focused on supporting startups that provide solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of technology, such as online harassment, information bubbles and polarization, screen time abuse, and AI bias. Globant has joined forces with universities, civil society, and thought leaders to tackle these matters. One of those partners is the Center for Humane Technology.

“How do you ethically steer the thoughts and actions of three billion people’s minds everyday?”

Tristan Harris.

 The quote above from Tristan Harris, the Co-Founder & President of the Center for Humane Technology, raises a vital issue.

 As co-host of the technology Apple podcast “Your Undivided Attention” and the primary subject of the renowned Netflix documentary, “The Social Dilemma,” Tristan has explored predicaments introduced by the power of social media, raising critical questions for society, accompanied by insightful strategic answers. 

 Tristan has focused his career on analyzing the impact of today’s major technology platforms on the social fabric and how they may wield dangerous power over our ability to perceive the world and shape our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Through his organization, Tristan works towards creating a shift for humane technology that aims for the common good, underlining the importance of ethics in technology design and promoting its responsible, ethical use. Unsurprisingly, The Atlantic has defined him as “…the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience.” Additionally, his work has been recognized by TIME Magazine’s top 100 “Next Leaders Shaping the Future” and in Rolling Stone’s article “25 People Shaping the World.”

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