Code Your Future – Moving together: a new chapter to support the forced migration phenomenon

January 17, 2023

Part of Globant’s mission is to look for new opportunities to transform the world into a better place and guide others toward a brighter future by innovating, disrupting, creating, building, and raising awareness. Forced migration is a critical social phenomenon that negatively impacts and displaces vulnerable communities substantially.

 According to the UNHCR Global Trends report 2021, more than 89 million people were forcibly displaced during 2021 due to persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations, or events alarming public order. Since the beginning of the Russia – Ukraine conflict in February 2022 approximately 14 million Ukrainians have been displaced, increasing the number of refugees and people displaced worldwide to more than 103 million for 2022.

At Globant, we understand that forced migration is a global concern. That’s why we’re putting plans into action to help provide the proper support through technology training and employability for migrants, refugees, and returnees through Code Your Future: Moving Together. 

“We are sure that technology is the perfect tool to foster and match that talent with opportunities. We are committed to making a real impact on migrants and other marginalized communities by providing these new tools and skills.”– Francisco Michref, Public Affairs & Sustainability Director at Globant.

Moving Together is part of Globant’s Be Kind to Humanity pillar and represents the writing of a new chapter inside our Code Your Future program. Code Your Future is our multidimensional initiative designed to offer real and inclusive opportunities and inclusion through technology education and employability so diverse talent around the globe can gain the necessary skills to build a successful career in the IT industry. 

Moving Together focuses on the migrant and refugee communities. We have partnered with Tent, an umbrella organization of more than 300 companies globally, to mobilize the business community to include refugees. In Europe, Globant joined the Sunflower Project, a pan-European initiative launched by Tent to accelerate the economic inclusion of tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugee women through improved access to employment.

 We have analyzed and identified a series of communities and trends in Globant-based locations where we will implement Moving Together

  • Mexico: Displaced Latin American community and returned Mexicans from the US.
  • Peru and Colombia: Venezuelan communities
  • Poland and Romania: Communities displaced by the Ukraine-Russian conflict.
  • Spain: Migrant, refugee and gypsy populations


In each facet of the  Moving Together program, we hope to provide a glimpse into current migratory trends, circumstances, and vulnerabilities and how they vary from country to country. As the first chapter in the Moving Together program, we’ll focus on the migrant population in Mexico. From there, we will share additional chapters in Spain and Poland as the story of Moving Together continues being written. 

 Code Your Future – Moving Together: Mexico edition

 In Mexico, we support migrants and returned people by partnering with Casa Refugiados, a non-profit, non-partisan, and secular Mexican civil society organization that collaborates with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Its mission is to promote the rights of people on the move (PEM: refugees, asylum seekers, displaced persons, and migrants), providing support in their integration.

Interested individuals may consult the website and apply to our joint program in three different modalities:

  • Employability for those whose job skills include having English as a language at an intermediate or high level and who are knowledgeable in programming, testing, or design. 
  • The education option is aimed at people over 18 interested in learning how to develop technology and turn it into a career path. 
  • Inspiring children and teenagers from 12 to 17 years old to learn about the world of technology through The Inspire Garage.


Applicants for Moving Together Mexico go through an assessment and selection process by the Globant and Casa Refugiados teams, who are in charge of processing the applicants’ profiles to understand the knowledge and experience of each one. The migrant and returned population is very diverse in terms of training and social context; with this evaluation methodology, assignments are made to offer the greatest fit according to the person’s past life experience to provide the best educational experience.

According to José Luis Loera, Founder of Programa Casa Refugiados, offering the opportunity of technology education and employability is vital for people who are forcibly displaced. In this sense, “it is important to recognize that all people who arrive have a varied educational and cultural background (skills, training, and knowledge), and that is their contribution to the society they are becoming part of. Integration in different labor spaces is an opportunity to rebuild their life projects and contribute to the communities of arrival.”

One of the program’s objectives is to impact 170 migrant and returned people in 2023 in Mexico. These populations, given their circumstances, pose multiple challenges, including connectivity, access to information, and tools, but are determined to grow their knowledge through education. We are confident the program’s beneficiaries will increase their use and appropriation of technological tools and acquire foundational knowledge in quality control issues.

 Stay tuned for the next chapters of Globant’s Moving Together Program on Stay Relevant.

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