Karlie Kloss: fashion and tech as drives of reinvention and inclusivity

After facing a pandemic, people seek to reconnect with others and themselves. New vehicles of expression and communication are being born, and increasingly, the physical and digital boundaries are blurring. 

Karlie Kloss is one of the people searching for these new modes of communication and interaction. She is known not only for her successful career as a model and entrepreneur but for seeking intersections between fashion technology, inclusion, and sustainability. In this edition of Globant Converge, Kloss will join us to explore how the metaverse and emerging tech are shaping her work in the fashion industry. 

Hacking the system: coding for everyone

It’s not common to associate the fashion world with the STEM sector. However, Kloss believes that the world of coding is a vehicle for fostering creativity, not only in fashion but in many other industries where a problem-solving mindset is crucial. 

In 2015, the supermodel founded Kode with Klossy, an initiative encouraging girls and non-binary individuals between ages 13 and 18 to discover the programming world. The free two-week summer program started with 21 scholars and grew into an international initiative with 12,000 students across 99 countries. 

Scholars speak more than 25 languages in their homes besides English, and 75% of students identify as people of color, fulfilling one of the program’s pillars of promoting inclusivity. After completing the program, 65% of the scholars study computer science in college, compared to just 3% of women nationally, a number that suggests the growth of women in tech.

Kloss is not only offering growth and learning opportunities to the participants of her coding initiative. The former host of Project Runway says she has also learned from her students, a generation of centennials who have inspired her to use coding to contribute to sustainability and open the conversation about mental health.

I was in a mobile app development camp recently, and the scholars were building apps for the same sort of conversations — climate change, sexual harassment in the workplace or learning environments, and access to resources around mental health conversations, sustainability, and fashion.

Reinventing fashion in the metaverse

Kloss has kept on the cutting edge of fashion and technology. She joined the group of visionaries exploring the metaverse in June of this year with the creation of Fashion Klosette, a digital designer showcase in the leading game Roblox. 

Kloss worked closely with five digital designers to create unique pieces showcasing various styles, including art deco, cyberpunk, and rococo. From July 2 through July 25, five pop-ups in some of the most popular Roblox games sold unique outfits created by raising digital artists. 

“I have been excited about the future of digital fashion for years,” states the supermodel. This project aligns with her objective of harnessing technology and fashion to create more inclusive and diverse platforms. The metaverse is undoubtedly one of the scenarios to foster women’s empowerment, create new vehicles of expression, and connect with more recent generations. 

Karlie Kloss will join us on November 3, along with other forward-thinkers, innovators, and decision-makers at Converge: Reinventing Connections. This global event explores the intersection of advanced tech with humanity. Secure your ticket here!

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