Generosity in Action: Exploring the Impact of Be Kind to Humanity in Brazil

November 30, 2023

At Globant, we embrace our responsibility to be a force for positive change. We believe in technology as an enabler to seek reinvention and improve the world. Within this framework, Be Kind to Humanity emerges as our strategy to use technology to create solutions to humanity’s most significant problems, promoting innovation and offering inclusive opportunities to historically relegated communities. Be Kind to Humanity is about being kind through technology taking action to impact the lives of millions of people facing global concerns.

Hacking the digital divide with Inspire and Code Your Future

We seek to impact vulnerable communities through funding and volunteering in digital education, technology, and job placement. Our Globers seek to share their experience and knowledge in IT with those who need it most, generating opportunities for their personal and professional growth:   

  • Inspire | Focus on ages <18: We believe it is imperative to inspire the younger generations. Inspire’s main goal is to ignite the flame in teenagers about the opportunities in the IT industry and make them aware that they can be at the center of this evolution that is changing the world. 

Within this focus is The Inspire Garage, a program that, through Masterclasses, Workshops, and mentoring in 4 areas of interest (Design, Videogames, Content, and Social Media and Programming), inspires high school students to take an interest in STEAM careers and discover the endless opportunities that this sector offers.

During 2022 and the first semester of 2023, we impacted more than 4,000 people with The Inspire Garage, of which more than 50% were women. In Brazil, this year, we reached more than 100 students, demonstrating Globant’s commitment to boosting knowledge of the technology industry.

  • Code Your Future | Focus on ages > 18: Code Your Future is a program that bridges the technology access gap for vulnerable and underrepresented communities, including, but not limited to, LGBTQ+ communities, individuals with disabilities, refugees and asylum seekers, war veterans, prison populations and people experienceing socio-economic vulnerability. Through courses and scholarships, inspirational talks, masterclasses, and job opportunities, Globant offers workforce inclusion and work education with a focus on technology. More than 8,000 beneficiaries have participated in our job placement and retraining programs over the last three years.

When implementing our Be Kind to Humanity strategy in Brazil, coordination between areas of the company is essential. In particular, we work closely with the internal Black in Tech program, which aims to promote discussion about diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial representation in the technology sector both inside and outside the company.

In July 2023, Globant signed an agreement with the Instituto da Oportunidade Social (IOS). This CEBAS-certified charity has been promoting free vocational training and employability for young people and people with disabilities since 1998. More than 2,000 students pass through IOS each year, and each student employed contributes to a positive impact of up to 54% of family income.

Through the agreement, Globant is supporting a class of 27 people who studied web programming between August and December 2023. Through the course of  this program, our Globers ]offered their support through various volunteer activities such as masterclasses and inspirational talks.

1 be kind br
Visit to the Globant office- IOS
2 be kind br
Inspirational talks at IOS


“Globant, you are a company to be inspired by, because I have never seen such a welcoming and professional company that gives and has space for us to BE human. I say this because many companies do not think about the well-being of their employees, and your mission and vision inspire me more and more. I hope to be part of the team, or even to work with one of you one day, that will be my goal!  -IOS student.

Training digital talent

On the other hand, we regularly offer technical and inspirational talks and visits to our office in São Paulo, where participants and students from the organizations we collaborate with can see what day-to-day life is like in a technology company and share knowledge and experiences with our Globers. This year, some organizations that visited us were Quilombo Guaraní, Laboratoria Brasil, and the Social Opportunity Institute, among others. 

With these visits, participants had the opportunity to learn more about trends and the future of the world of technology, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and the world of data, as well as gain tools for professional development and employability.


3 be kind br
Visit to the Globant office – Quilombo Guaraní


“I hope to be in this company again for more knowledge. It inspired me to look at other areas of the professional world. Technology really is incredible, and Globant showed us exactly that!”  – Student from Quilombo Guaraní



5 be kind br
Laboratory visit

We carry out solidarity campaigns throughout the year to commemorate special dates and extraordinary events. In particular, we celebrate back to school, Christmas in solidarity, children’s day, and blood donation campaigns./ In 2023, we collaborated with the victims of coastal floods at the beginning of the year. More than 150 Globers participated in these initiatives, benefiting approximately400 people. 

As part of our Be Kind commitment, we will continue to offer programs and resources to promote an environment of technological education. In doing so, we remain steadfast in our mission to promote positive change, foster innovation, and empower individuals and communities worldwide. Our 20-year milestone does not represent an endpoint, but a stepping stone to an even brighter future.

If you want to know more about Be Kind’s programs, click here.

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