International Day of Education 2024: Globant’s commitment to fostering inclusion

January 23, 2024

International Day of Education, celebrated annually on January 24, stands as a powerful acknowledgment of nations worldwide uniting to unlock the transformative power of education. Beyond a simple commemoration, this day symbolizes education’s profound value in shaping societies’ destinies. The day serves as a global catalyst, igniting conversations and actions that aim to break the cycle of poverty and promote social justice through education.  

The theme proclaimed by the United Nations for International Day of Education 2024 is “learning for lasting peace.” According to UNESCO, approximately 250 million children and youth lack access to education, while 763 million adults struggle with illiteracy. Concurrently, there is a surge in violent conflicts, accompanied by a troubling increase in discrimination, racism, xenophobia, and hate speech worldwide. Today, an unwavering dedication to peace is of utmost urgency, with education playing a central and vital role in addressing these pressing challenges. 

Globant has actively engaged in this dialogue for several years, strongly emphasizing education to foster inclusion, human dignity, and peace. Recognizing the vast potential of the IT industry to bridge unemployment disparities in developing economies, we are committed to our mission of contributing to a better world. We take proactive measures to champion and establish new educational programs tailored to meet the increasing demand for IT professionals, thereby generating high-quality job opportunities for diverse communities.

What Globant does on IT-Education 




Since 2011, Globant has offered thousands of educational and inspirational experiences for external users, benefiting more than 62,000 people.


As we move forward, Globant remains dedicated to shaping a better future through education, innovation, and inclusivity. Our endeavors continue to align with the overarching goal of fostering lasting peace through the transformative power of learning.

“The next 20 years bring us a lot of uncertainty. The political, environmental, and social changes we are experiencing will evolve in an unknown way. However, we are sure of one thing: whatever the course of events, technology will play a key role. Therefore, individuals and communities must prepare for this new normal. You can be sure that Globant will be there to accompany you on this journey,” said Martín Migoya, Globant CEO and Co-Founder.

Download the Globant’s 20-year Impact Report and keep reading about our contribution to developing tech hubs and communities.

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