By: Sebastian Gomez

From April 24th through April 28th, we celebrated the second edition of our development weeks in Medellín, Colombia. These are events organized by the Scalable Platforms and UI Engineering Studios at Globant.

Development weeks are technology events dedicated to knowledge and the exchange of ideas and best practices between Globers and our friends from the most important technology communities in the city. During this development week, we explored Angular, the world’s most-used framework for web app construction.

The event surpassed everyone’s expectations: the maximum capacity was 250 people per day, but on the first two days, attendees exceeded this number, and we had to limit access to the event.

Angular Development Week was characterized by in-depth talks, covering all parts of the framework, from CSS and Typescript to patterns and architectures. The attendees enjoyed two intermediate- to advanced-level talks per day during the week. At the end of the week, a WEBUI architect and hybrid app specialist from Globant’s Medellín office, Sebastian Gomez (@sebasgojs), offered a workshop which combined the latest trends of ionic, with unitary trials and progressive web apps (PWA).

Carlos Rojas, a Glober and Google product strategy expert, was the first speaker of the week, and said: “To see all the people interested in Angular was something exciting.  I enjoyed being able to offer some of my experiences with other people who can learn and improve and who can, probably, share some new insights with me in the future”.

Mateo Penagos, an Angular Development Week attendee said, “In  my mind, Angular Week was really good. One of the things that I  liked the most was that the speakers presented their topics in a creative and entertaining way, and they also made it easy for the people that have never worked with Angular before. I also really liked the entire workshop Sebastian offered”.

Alexander Cano, an attendee who watched the week’s events through live streaming, said, “It was good. Concepts were explained without complications, so everybody could understand”.
Maria Camila, co-organizer of  the development pioneers’ community in Medellin, shared her experience. “Personally, the experience of participating in Angular Week was great. We could see and hear  the speakers’ experience in each conference. The attendance of people with great knowledge also complemented the topics presented each day. I’m grateful that the talks were given on streaming, since it gives people that don’t have the chance to go the opportunity to watch it. I hope they repeat the event some time!”.
Angular Development Week brought together three  of the most important communities in the city of Medellín. Firstly, we were honored with the presence of Laura Ciro from the group Developers Pioneers. Then, we got to hear from Carlos Angulo, a speaker from Ng Colombia, who spoke about animations in Angular. Finally, we heard from the Google Developer Group from Medellín, GDG, organized by Sebastian Gomez and Carlos Rojas.

A team of Globers organized the event. Sebastian Gomez, Carlos Rojas, Diego Castro, and Vanessa Aristizabal worked with the best attitudes and were always willing  to accompany and advise attendees . They did their best to manage logistics, livestream, and much more, making it easier to host and develop the event.

At Globant, we are a company with open doors. We love to get in touch with tech communities in each city where we have a presence, supporting initiatives and making our tech ecosystem bigger.

Our next Development Week will be in May in Bogotá , where we’ll bring together h local communities and add support and knowledge to the tech ecosystem. In Bogotá, we will cover the development of Web UI (FrontEnd) in general, since our target is a bigger audience.

We used the hashtag #AngularWeek to stay connected on social media. We received a lot of support and retweets.

Wd like to extend an invitation to our next Development Week in Bogotá. For more information, contact Gabriel Martinez
Here there are a few pictures of the event:


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