AI capabilities have advanced exponentially in recent years, blurring the line between fantasy and reality and creating an unparalleled market opportunity for whoever can bring the technology to eager consumers.

From autonomous cars to professional services to human genomics, companies are racing to develop the perfect solutions and secure the first-mover advantage.

But do we have a clear vision on how companies can leverage AI and fit it into their business model? Where shall we start? What capabilities do we need to have to implement AI? It is not that complicated and definitely nothing to be worried about.

Globant held a webinar “[Un]Hyping the Artificial Intelligence” on 22nd August,  where Javier Minhondo, Ana Bedacarratz and Haldo Sponton discussed on how to create successful AI products that can easily aid people in accessing and processing information and facilitating decision making. They also analysed case studies in various domains, drew actionable insights and threw light to upcoming opportunities in AI.

Javier Minhondo, VP of Technology | AI Studio @Globant talked about:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Hype Vs Reality
  • How do we apply it?

Ana Bedacarratz, Data Scientist | AI Studio @Globant spoke on:

  • What is Neuroscience?
  • Where did it begin?
  • What can we learn from fMRI?
  • What are the methods?
  • What can we leverage and learn?

Haldo Sponton, TechMaster – Data Science | Al Studio @Globant discussed:

  • Leveraging Machine Learning to learn from audio and video
  • Delivering data products based on them

Please watch the webinar here

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