Clarice Technologies was the UX Partner at the recent PuneConnect: an event meant to connect Startups to Enterprises.

Having been the leading UX design company in India, Clarice provided UX mentoring to many startup product companies. There are many product eco systems doing well on the technology front but their User Experience quotient is still low; and it is a very important factor in the success of any product. We believe we can help and guide such companies and products to success.

We judged the UX of product offerings and announced the winner as follows:

Best of Show Winners:

  1. IgniteSol
  2. Mango Reader
  3. KXP
  4. Programr

Audience Choice Awards

  1. Mango Reader
  2. Smart Order
  3. IgniteSol

Shootout Winner

  1. IgniteSol

UX Best Design Award(given by Clarice Technologies)

1.  Appacitive

Promising Startup’s to be mentored by Clarice Technologies for 1 yr

  1. IgniteSol
  2. Mango Reader

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