This UX Mixer was a special one; one where we invited an expert in her field – Sherline Pimento, a Phd. in Design to share her insights on “Telling Visual Stories”. Sherline investigates how people make sense of the world around them through Experience Design. She is trained as an artist and has a Masters in Visual Communication. Her doctoral thesis titled, “Moment and moments: Discourse in Static Visual Narratives (SVNs)” (2011, IITB) explores how stories (written or oral) are communicated using static images using the structuralists perspective. The body of work discusses what makes a SVN and ‘discourse generation’ within SVNs.

Telling stories visually involves critical design of many elements, the crucial ones on which are time & space. ‘Telling visual stories’ gives a glimpse of the ways in which time & space function in a visual story. She gave great examples of how to convey a story through a visual to the user. One must consider all the factors such as actors, events, time and space to narrate a visual story. As designers who want to communicate the story/idea to the viewer/user; one must make use of shared world view and conception of space & time and culture codes. Human beings relate to time & space on orientation, perception of time & space and movement of time & space. Designers use metaphors to visualize the virtual story-space.

Sherline ended with a perfect quote by Rheingold – The filmmaker says, ‘look I’ll show you’; the space maker says, ‘here I’ll help you discover’!

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