The User Centric Design (UCD) Mixer is an informal discussion of various products that we have worked from development centers in India on from different domains and platforms. The main purpose being the sharing of knowledge and experience with the rest of the crew. Each fortnight 2 teams present their latest client projects in terms of its problem statement, client requirements, challenges, solutions and finally the before and after of the product (if relevant).

This week Kshitij Thigle presented the overview of a fashion people social networking mobile app. He explained how he applied the concepts of Interaction design and wireframes followed by the interactive prototype. He comprehensively walked us through the approach he took to go ahead with the design taking into consideration the client’s brand position, users and how he choose the design attribute. Additionally he explained us how he overcame some of the challenges he faced. Finally he showed us the ready and approved visual designs of the app. Not only was it classy but also super cool, a connection to the fashion world was but natural!

The other presenter was Sumit Pandey, taking us through the Information Architecture of a consumer as well as an enterprise product for a leading international chip manufacturing company. He walked us through the mindmaps, product eco system and block diagrams. It was interesting to see how his experience in the analytics domain made him do certain things in certain ways, and how he made information buckets according to various functionalities. At the time of the presentation, the product was in its visual design phase.


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