Design Teams from both our offices – Pune and Bangalore – tune in on every fortnight for the UCD Mixer to share their projects, how they overcame challenges, and what they learnt. On June 20, Sai Mohith Kanakula, a Senior User Experience Designer, described how he designed a Windows Mobile App for a behemoth Sports’ Goods company.

The client looked to develop a WP7 version for an existing app (iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian) that helped users track their Fitness Activities. Mohith described how a new platform brings with it new capabilities and opens up an opportunity for drafting a new experience, and how he took advantage of the WP7 Panorama to overhaul the existing app’s time-consuming Task-Flow.

He closed by describing the challenges he faced during the project, capping off each point with a relevant learning –

  1. Study the Platform – Even though the project came in with a sharp deadline, he appropriated time to study the platform and its capabilities. Realising that the existing application was saturated, he turned to the capabilities of the new platform to improve an insipid linear Task-flow and came up with a novel concept. Moreover, when the client reverted with a “Not Feasible” statement to this concept, he was able to urge the client to push his developers to recheck, and find a workaround and implement the same.
  2. Work on an Objective Brief – Although the project brief seemed simple enough, he realised that this was a new platform and the brief was still much too broad. So he worked with the client to objectively define this troika of Project Requirements – to design a new experience, to adhere to the user’s mental model, and, to use the new platform to add new capabilities.


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