Do we like stories with a happy ending? Yes, we all do! Why? It inspires and gives us hope. Most importantly, it gives us ideas, which can be applied in real life. The same happens  with business transformation stories. We like business success stories when they tell us the how and why of the business success. Globant’s Sentinel Report does just that. It shares stories about innovative solutions and methodologies, guiding companies to greatness step by step .

Every brand has a vision to keep on succeeding, but that’s not a vision. Rethink your vision. You want to be successful doing what? What does your company want to offer to be successful and what kind of model should you implement to achieve that goal? The key to success is continuous evolution in your business model, in technology enablement, in workforce skills, in collaboration among all the departmental cogs and in your vision.

A great product or service is created when you not only enable a consumer to achieve something they want or need, but also the seamlessness of utilizing it. Enabling this should be the mission of the entire company.

In order  to make this happen, in the beginning, people who work for your company should understand what you have to offer, have the right skills for, and collaborate together as a team. Silos between departments is unacceptable,  integration is a must, be it within the teams or their respective systems. Different teams with different systems should be integrated, therefore if change happens, the other systems and teams will pick up the pace in no time. Teams need to be multidisciplinary and agile in action.

Second, companies must never shy away from introducing new technologies to their business models. Of course, not every technology trend is for everyone, but keeping an eye on upcoming trends, and assessing them continuously is required. If a new technology is a right fit, companies should try and implement it in smaller levels, and then scale it. Companies should have the bandwidth ready to evolve in their technology enablement in both internal and external process. Like implementing AI and data insights to evaluate internal processes, it consecutively affects the business offerings in a positive direction.

Third, when companies are introducing technology or business strategy changes, they must ensure, that all their teams, and their work process system also adapt to these changes. This can happen, with knowledge sharing to the deepest and extended team structures. Engage and empower all your teams so that they remain up-to-date.

The latest Sentinel Report by Globant, tells the tale on how you can empower your organization both technically and culturally with tried and tested methodologies. It’s a good read, give it a try!


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