On Monday, July 31st, Martin Migoya -CEO of Globant, along with Navin Kabra -Pune Tech evangelist, were part of our Think Big Session to discuss the new age of AI, how to implement it, and various AI success cases that Globant has delivered to its clients in Pune, India.

AI is becoming more and more relevant for us, and for any key technology player. 2017 is the onset of digital transformation using AI. C-level executives across various industries are expecting newer disruptions by AI in the overall digital journey. AI industry is growing at a rate of 56 per cent annually, according to Tractica. So, how can you prepare your business to face the disruptions, leverage on it and rack profit instead?

Some answers to that question were handled in this Think Big Session that had immense ‘take-away’ knowledge and insights on AI. We had nearly 400 attendees and full chill out!

Globant have been handling many AI projects in different sectors, and is renowned as an AI developer and enabler. But this is only a start! Stay tuned!





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