The age of big data has come. With information technology on high, how shall we handle such large quantities of data today?

Globant organized a webinar to discuss on different high performance platform to efficiently analyze big data and appropriate technologies to find the useful things from big data.


Sabina A. Schneider – Big Data Techncial Director, Globant
Esteban Lussich – UI Developer, Globant
Matt McNeill – Head of Strategic Customer Engagements: EMEA, Google Cloud Platform

They shared their views on different trends in Big Data, some important issues faced, evolving solutions to Big Data Analytics, Google Big Data Platform and why Big Data Analytics is now a necessity.

The webinar covers:

Proliferation of Data in different landscapes
Short Infographic on Big Data History
Benefits of Big Data
High Level Architecture Ultilizing Open Source Tools
Real Time Big Data Platforms
Understanding Data Science
Software Suites in Trend
Data Visualization Practices/Framework
Innovation from Information
Birth of Big Data at Google
Unpacking the Google Platform

Watch the Webinar to understand in details.

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