Attending conferences and tradeshows in any industry can be a bit overwhelming, especially the big ones with 15,000 to 30,000 attendees. The venue is usually huge, there is so much to see and such little time, not to mention that you are also there to network and ideally make a sale or buy a product.

Event producers also struggle with this scenarios. How do we get people together? What’s the most effective way to inform attendees about presentations, specific areas of interest, schedule etc? Think about it a minute the variables are endless, no wonder putting a live event together takes so much time and effort. So what would happen if we tossed advanced software technology into the mix?

In 2012, the company we all know as Cisco was asking themselves these precise questions. They had a Cisco Live! Event coming up in June, 17,000 attendees and the goal to provide real time event information while personalizing experiences. “Our goal was to personalize Cisco Live! as much as possible for each attendee and bring all event information together in one place,” said Chad Booker, technical lead for Cisco Live! They had a great idea, but needed some help with customizing the application and with eight weeks left before the event, they couldn’t waist any time. Who to call? One company came to mind, Globant!

“Our goal was two-fold,” said Andres Angelani, chief solution officer for Globant. “We wanted to deliver unique content for the information kiosks that shows off the capabilities of the Cisco Interactive Services solution while providing users with a clean, modern interface and fast, useful access to the specific information that users need. With Globant, Cisco was able to come to one place for an end-to end interactive application with a rich user interface.”

What we came up with was an interface and an application that allowed attendees to engage and interact with it, find schedules, receive real- time data and any other information they might need that day; all with the simplicity of a touch-screen and well though out software programming. There are obviously a thousand things that can be added and enhanced as we move forward with this project, but what’s amazing is to watch software become key in almost every industry these days and how important synergy and innovation are when you fuse different companies together to work on a specific project. Had we not succeeded in that, and worked side-by-side, we would have never met the deadline. Cisco respected our expertise and we respected theirs; together we came up with innovative solutions to a very antique problem.





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  1. It would be nice to see a picture of the kiosk or a screenshot at least.
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