During an entire month, from February 15th to March 15th, Globant had the chance to join forces with Udacity and Google Developers, giving the possibility to people in the IT community to participate in their Study Jams.

Study Jams are community-organized study groups around Google online developer courses. This time the topic was Android for Beginners and it was a new opportunity to open our doors to people who were interested in the subject. Twelve developers and three Globant mentors – Mariano, Facundo and Benjamin – worked together during ten theoretical and practical meetings. The final goal of this Study Jam was to help and give the necessary tools to each candidate to develop their own Android App.

It was a great experience for everyone. Mentors could improve their leadership skills and share their knowledge with the community. They had the chance to explain technical contents in a simple way and, as Benjamin told us, ‘the Study Jams were an opportunity that made me think about what we do every day at work and realize how much we know about it’. Moreover, the mentors could follow participants’ progress, not only in face-to-face meetings but also in Google’s virtual platform. ‘We were able to make a daily follow-up of the developers thanks to the platform’, said Mariano.

On the other side, participants had their first approach to Android Mobile Development, facing real professional tasks, working together and improving their personal and technical skills. What’s more, they were able to create their own Android App, from the basic idea to the final product.

One of them, Juan Manuel, told us that ‘the lessons were very easy to understand. At first, our mentors explained each topic in a theoretical way, and then they gave us different practical examples. That really helped me to learn the concepts and procedures. Furthermore, at the end of the classes, they sent us more information related to the analyzed themes’. He referred to the platform too: ‘I only knew a little about Udacity, because I had never tried it. But during the Study Jams, it turned into an useful tool. In my opinion, it’s didactic and easy to follow. It contains detailed videos and exercises which helped me to put my new knowledge into practice’.

Juan Manuel was more than satisfied with the final result: I really enjoyed this experience and I truly recommend the Study Jams. Once we finished I was able to make some changes to an app in which we are working at my current job´. ‘Internet is full of information and tutorials but, in spite of that, sometimes we can’t set aside the time to learn something new. I didn’t have that problem with the Jams. I’m sure that everything we’ve learned made us improve as professionals’, he added.  

Do you wanna participate in any of the other Bootcamps, Webinars or courses by Globant? Send us your CV to jobs@globant.com and follow us in our social profiles to find out about the next available trainings!


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