Consumer today tantalizes us by ‘quickly getting bored’. We panic while searching for new ideas to win them over.

But often we get stuck with thinking of something new. Why?

Time after time we find that answering these questions is a matter of broad observations, and not narrow thinking. The more we close our minds with the same tools and experiences, we cannot find new and better ways.

So, how can we jump-start new innovation efforts?

If we just look over the shoulder in non-traditional places, different industries, from products to service, to processes, to behaviors, to business models, to culture and leadership.

Think how military inventions have permeated the massive consumer industry, or phone made of swappable components that fit together like Lego.

We aren’t encouraging to copy external models but to draw analogies and transfer approaches between contexts.

The latest edition of Sentinel Report explains how looking outside your domain will bring light to the right questions, insights from true behavior, and will help you not only to create best practices, but rather create new practices that will empower your business to reach new levels of engagement with consumers.

Cross-industry strategies is about potential, adaptation and success.

Why not wear a MagicBand in a coal mine? Why not practice open-heart surgery remotely using an Oculus?

Read our new Sentinel Report, for second quarter of 2016 to break patterns & ignite ideas that can be tweaked & artfully adapted.

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Moving out of the industry comfort zone can be a difficult decision, but changing market dynamics can make it a necessary one.

Each quarter through Sentinel Report, we present insightful evidence of consumer behavior and market trends to ignite strategic thinking. By analyzing data published by renowned companies, brands and media outlets, Globant experts continuously focus on the trends that will be strategic and useful for most organizations.

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