We are back with the new edition of our Sentinel Report, first of 2016!

It is easy to get lost in the forest of hacks and must reads in this age of information and still not find the right things you were looking for. Meaningful takeaways are more important than the mere information part.

The goal of Sentinel Report is to present insightful evidence of consumer behavior and market trends to ignite strategic thinking. By analyzing data published by renowned companies, brands and media outlets, Globant experts continuously focus on the trends that will be strategic and useful for most organizations. The latest edition of Sentinel Report describes how brands can infuse a more customer-centric approach and incite strategic initiatives when it comes to interactions and the moments of impact with our consumers.

Why do we keep thinking about channels when meaningful moments matter the most? There’s a new way of thinking about how brands should interact with consumers and how we should design new strategies focused on relevancy.

OMNIRELEVANCE goes far beyond the “omnichannel” concept. It implies thinking not only about channels, but about creating relevant and meaningful relationships with customers, regardless of the channel they use. This edition of Sentinel Report explains the impact of omnirelevance in digital journey and a few key aspects that can help make the experience relevant.

We hope this inspires new ideas, creativity and innovation that will shape the consumer experience. Take a look and enjoy!

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