On Feb 15th, Globant Launched it second-generation Immersive Technology Playground in San Francisco.

An Exclusive space for Customers To Experience VR/Mixed Reality, Machine Learning, Wearable, IOT and Gaming technologies, among others

Hosted at our San Francisco office, the Playground is Globant’s Digital Journey Accelerator, featuring tangible demonstrations of how digital experiences are dreamed, designed, and prototyped. The Playground was created to catalyze clients’ digital planning by exposing them to the latest technologies and trends available, facilitated by expert staff. The launch of the second-generation Playground features the innovations of today that are driving the user experiences of tomorrow.

Todd Rufo, Director of San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Mike Haley, Senior Director of Machine Intelligence at Autodesk and Martin Migoya, Globant CEO and co-founder were some of the speakers at the opening ceremony that was packed with Globant partners and friends. 

Attendees had the chance to interact first-hand with cutting-edge technologies that showcase the strategies and experiences that Globant use to generate world-class digital solutions for global brands.

Some of the latest disruptive technologies were featured at the launch, including:

  • Virtual and mixed reality experiences
  • Real-time machine learning algorithms
  • IoT and wearables (sensors, smart materials, connected devices, etc.)
  • AAA Video game development
  • Quick prototyping, 3D printers are other event highlights.

“Industries are evolving at unprecedented speed – companies can no longer afford reactive innovation – it must be simultaneous, if not predictive,” said Martín Migoya, CEO and co-founder of Globant. “Our upgraded Playground will provide global brands the opportunity to observe, interact, and conceptualize their own optimal digital journeys.”

Do you want to learn about cutting-edge technologies, determine how they are disrupting your industry or understand how they can help your company? If you want to be able to ask questions to a technology expert. Have an idea that is not yet a clear concept and would like to test a fast prototype. Contact us at playground@globant.com so you and your team can visit or experience our playground either at our office in San Francisco or at your office with ourPlayground on the Go experience.   

Examples of Brand Experiences that happened at the playground:

  • A leading US Bank visited the Playground to explore ways in which IoT technologies could help their clients adopt a healthy financial lifestyle. After 3 sessions we created a prototype ready for user testing.
  • A top manufacturing company found in the Playground the perfect setting to explore new products and develop concepts and prototypes ready to test with real consumers. After 2 sessions they had the user journey nailed down for their new Smart product.
  • One of the biggest sports & retail players wanted to create a retail and in-store experience where they can mix movement and music. The prototype we co-created with them based on IoT and visualization techniques not only achieved the desired original goal but also provided a solution that works out of stores and can be leveraged at mid-sized fitness events.

What can you experience at the Playground?

  • Immerse yourself in virtual worlds, see how experiences truly designed for these devices have an impact on all your senses. Walk on a spaceship, draw in 3D, talk to a doctor, cycle your way through a city many miles away and many others.
  • See some of your favorite characters come to life through Augmented Reality while evaluating how this technology can be applied to your line of business.
  • Explore cognitive computing and deep learning as the machine discovers the world around her.
  • Discuss the effort behind the creation of high quality console games and what can be learnt from them and applied to different industries.
  • Learn the complexity behind high quality art and the techniques used to create it. From concept to polished versions you will find out how our art teams work to create digital assets and animations that next generation games require starting with concept art but extending to environmental art using modelling, digital sculpting, lighting, PBR authoring, rigging and animation.  
  • Explore new gen hardware, simple, accessible and easy to use. And what it means in terms of design and integration. Find out how lIttle bits, circuits, smart materials and toys as well as 3D printing can be used to make ideas come to life.
  • Learn more about wearables, Internet of things, embedded computing, data analytics and Smart Toys
  • Design, prototype and build electronics to transform things into enchanted objects.
  • Experiment a second screen solution that generates a user engagement synergy between broadcast and game, increasing retention in both platforms as well as opening up new revenue channels.

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