Customer brand-experience is a strategy that requires consideration of many factors, and is widely dependent upon partnerships. Multiple partners must be able to collaborate, share information, and synchronize operations or process in order to deliver customer value. Customers don’t need marketing experts to have mind-reading skills. They just need to be heard!

Globant describes at extent how brands will go beyond connecting individual products and services and into a full creative partnership that result in a one of a kind offering.

During online interactions, customers open up as books, in exchange for building relationships with brands, being better assisted on e-commerce, getting suggestions on what content we should consume next. Who better to tell you what the customer needs than the customers themselves?

Customers want innovative products, services, and experiences. This is harder and harder to find in our crowded marketplaces, so more and more brands are collaborating in order to create real breakthroughs. According to Andre Martin Lorenz Filho, Digital Marketing Specialist at Globant, it means that if we are able to read the signals the user is sending us with each interaction he or she makes, we can immediately pick as they tells us what has changed in their life or what they need right now.

Users interact on many domain and we don’t have access to all those domain, hence we miss out on information. That is why companies are joining efforts, completing those missing chunks of information in order to develop the so-called Seamless Ecosystem where they can centralize user knowledge and combine it with technology to provide a rich and customized experience.

Early this year, Magnum Ice Cream and globally renowned fashion brand BCBGMAXAZRIA unveiled a fashion wrap that is infused with the irresistible aroma of Magnum Belgian chocolate using new scent technology called oNotes. In a unique fusion of chocolate and couture, the wrap pushes fashion beyond sight and touch and incorporates scent, one of the most powerful senses, into the design. This is a distinctive fashion piece. It will delight people who love to wear full scarves to accent their wardrobe and chocolate lovers alike.

On taking a look at the market case studies of Globant one can infer that more and more brands are initiating to digitise and co-create new offerings.

Business that wants to grow should be looking around what consumers want more or what they like, find which one of those things can be infused into their own offerings, and which brand offers those things. Brands not sharing the same space can utilise these unworked paths and become innovators that understand consumers’ needs.

What if you could co-create with a brand you love so that you could generate a completely new offering for your shared audience?

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