On May 9th, Ratio and Globant opened the doors of their new offices in Seattle’s Westlake Park to the community to celebrate it’s newest space and latest footprint expansion. The day was full of activities: Open House with Practice talks, panel discussion with Seattle tech leaders, and even an artist live painting an art installation!

Throughout the day, each of the Practices (iOS, Android, Web, Roku, Project Management, QA, Design, Windows and Strategy) showcased what we do and how we do it. This was a great opportunity to meet our team, learn what we’re working on, share our perspectives, approaches and some client examples with other members of the Seattle tech and agency community.

Artist, Jeff Jacobson aka ‘WEIRDOCULT‘ began creating a visual experience on our walls. He’s done murals around the city showcasing his hyper realistic style. You can check some pictures on our FB album.

We closed the celebration with an engaging panel of Seattle Tech Industry Leaders, reflecting on Seattle’s rich history in technology & thoughts on the future of tech in the Emerald City.

John Cook, Founder, GeekWire and Leading Seattle Technology Reporter, Ian Blaine Founder, thePlatform, Founder, WicketLabs, Seattle technology entrepreneur, Bill Baxter, VP Tech, Vizio CTO BuddyTV  Founder, BSquare, Jenni Hogan,  Emmy-award winning journalist, Co-founder and COO of Tagboard and Nate Thompson and Russ Whitman, Co-founders and CEO and CSO at Ratio were some of the speakers at the Speaker Panel that was packed with Ratio and Globant partners and friends.

“One of the reasons why Seattle is a technology hub is the active role our local technology companies play in the community and culture”, said Nate Thompson. “We have a responsibility to preserve what makes Seattle special.”, added Russ Whitman. The Panel passionately engaged in  a conversation about the important role that the local educational system plays in our future and its need to focus on STEM initiatives early on to help create the next generation of engineers and technologists.

Attendees to the Open House had the chance to be part of these talks. Let us know if you are interested to hear more about this:

  • Windows/Xbox: How we develop with UWP across different devices
  • Web/ System Integration: How we updated our Ratio website to Elastic Beanstalk and improved the local development workflow using Docker
  • Strategy: How we work with clients to ensure we’re addressing the Why and not just the How
  • Roku: How we create Tier 1 Roku experiences and address performance across their disparate device portfolio
  • iOS: How we approach the software development lifecycle
  • Design: Crafting experiences that hold together across 2-foot, 3-foot and 10-foot devices and contexts
  • Quality Assurance: An inside Look at the Ratio QA process
  • The Android Practice: Past, Present and Future of the Android operating system and tools
  • Project Management: A day in the life of a Ratio PM
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery: How we use CI and CD to drive velocity and quality for our client engagements

It was truly a celebration of the key role technology has played in the current boom in Seattle and a fantastic opportunity to connect with so many people in the community.

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