The Clarice team attended NASSCOM’s recently concluded Product Conclave 2011. What an experience!

The sheer number and diversity of product start-ups was a sight to behold. Beyond a doubt, the home-grown start-up ecosystem has arrived. The speaker lineup too was stellar and we thoroughly enjoyed sessions by Vinod Khosla and Vivek Wadhwa in particular.

We also participated in the exhibition and were humbled by universal appreciation for our business model of providing user experience design services along with cutting-edge product development under one umbrella. Clearly the start-up ecosystem in India too believes strongly in focusing as strongly on user experience as the underlying technology. All in all, a fruitful trip with some great experiences and amazing conversations. Here are some pictures from the exhibition, with SandeepShashank, Hemant, Ankur and Porus in action.

(Also you should check out this quick event round-up at the NASSCOM Emerge blog, with 5 takeaways from the conclave.)
Shashank and Sandeep speak with visitors at Clarice demo stall      Shashank and Sandeep speak with visitors at Clarice demo stall

L To R Ankur, Sandeep, Shashank at the Clarice demo stall      L To R Ankur, Porus, Shashank at the Clarice demo stall

Hemant pitching Clarice      Ankur and Hemant at the Clarice stall

We specialize in user experience design and web/mobile product development...      Sandeep speaks with a visitor

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