Talking about mobile revaluation shouldn’t come as a surprise – More of us are now making travel plans on mobile devices and these devices are driving the company’s roadmap. Users are increasingly starting their searches on mobile devices and finalizing them either on the device – using some form of mobile payment – or on the desktop. Instead of simply replicating the desktop experience, big brands are looking to make mobile a more personalized affair.

In January, Barclay Card revealed its rival to Apple Pay, with other banks and credit cards likely to offer better payment platforms throughout 2016. Expect more payment apps to appear, possibly offering better exchange rates than traditional systems.

Another interesting change is mobile roaming – for instance – on April 30 this year the cost of using a UK mobile phone in the EU will fall dramatically, to five cents (4p) per minute for a phone call, two cents per SMS and five cents per MB of data used. Assuming there isn’t a no vote in the referendum, those additional charges will be abolished in June 2017. As 4G becomes more widely available, and essentially free for travelers within Europe, the way we use our phones as tourists is likely to change dramatically as we follow live maps, use apps as travel guides, and find and book hotels and restaurants with them. The taxi booking app, Uber, is also likely to become increasingly popular with tourists.

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