On November 29th, 2017, we organized a wonderful Lightning session on Agile Practice named ‘Agility and Jazz’ in Globant Pune, India.

Federico Kereki, Tech Master at Globant and Agile expert, was the key speaker of the event. There were over 40 attendees, who were keen to understand more about Agile in a different way. Take a look at the gathering!

Federico started the event with an introduction of Agile methodology and the principles of Agile manifesto. Once Agility properties were extensively discussed with real life scenarios, Federico introduced the metaphor of Jazz music, and started drawing comparisons of both, to show how similar practice of jazz is to Agile.

According to Federico, jazz adapts to change fast, needs improvisation on the music notes while playing them, and sometimes some musical notes have to be dropped or added to perform a successful improvisation and play wonderful jazz music. Federico brought out the same similarities in Agile practices. He explained how Agile practice leads to excellency and simplicity in software development with needs to adjust around story points, improvise over documentation and how, like the jazz musicians, the software developers have to be aware and quick with their decisions and methods of creating a successful software application.

All in all, it was a very successful event, where attendees could understand Agile more deeply and enjoy some music along with it. Software development is like creating a wonderful music piece, while performing live.

Please find the presentation that was showcased during the event below.

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