Lean Startup + User Experience = Awesome Products

Lean Startup is a new management approach for how products and companies are built. User Experience design is a rich and mature field that promoted building products that are effective and desired by customers. By combining these bodies of thinking, startups and entrepreneurs can make progress more rapidly and with greater surety. By reducing long product cycles into smaller, shorter chunks and validating these iterations with people that will use our products, we gain the important information needed to avoid expensive development cycles that are laden with risk.

This is a newly organized discipline that recombines techniques and ideas from Agile, User Experience, and Customer Development, and it’s evolving rapidly. By giving this way of working a name and describing what it’s good for, these principles become something that can be taught, learned, debated, improved and repeated. It’s not rocket science, but it takes thought, focus, and an absolute commitment to users.

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