After 13 years of non-stop innovation, growth, and fun, we’ve arrived at a place where we need to share our passion in a global way. With 32 sites around the world, our own Think Big Sessions (TBS) will fulfill that commitment, under Globant’s three main core pillars: Technology, Innovation, and Design. When those values meet our culture, Think Big Sessions are born.

Each TBS will take place yearly at every Globant site, and will include two or more inspirational talks by both Globers and external invited speakers. Themes can be as extensive and memorable as digital journeys. By inviting speakers from outside our own creative bubble, we hope to stay relevant and have a ongoing conversation with the incredible world around us.

Globants TBS will have specially curated topics and dynamic insightful talks, with an additional focus in technology and digital journeys. After every session there will be a networking space for the audience and speakers in which to engage in empowering conversations.

If you want to become a speaker, or know somebody who would, you can sign up here
For more information please email

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    Though initially I would like to involve Drupal 8 CMS but in principle concept should work with any dynamic CMSs available.