Two Vital Questions To Ask Before Your Next Custom Software Project

If your company has had negative experiences with software development agreements in the past, you may be reluctant to work with an external team again.

Your IT staff may feel threatened when another team takes on their IT responsibilities. Additionally, you want to protect your internal processes and avoid high costs.

There are alternatives to working with an external custom software development team, but these options have many drawbacks. Hiring contract staff is expensive. Making your business wait for deliverables causes internal frustration.

Partnering with the right software development firm alleviates stress when your team is overworked. This option also helps you quickly develop new technology that meets your company’s needs.

Before you begin your next custom software project, ask yourself the following questions to determine whether partnering with an external software solutions provider is the right choice for your business:

1. Is Your Internal Team Struggling To Meet Demand?

When your internal development team has been missing milestones, exhibiting signs that they are overworked and struggling to maintain existing systems, you need additional help with development projects.

It’s often difficult to manage the demand for new technology within your company. High demand for your internal team’s time comes from various places in your organization, including:

  • Marketing departments
  • The executive level
  • Operations
  • Sales departments

It is unwise to assign another development project to an already-overworked team. The quality of your deliverables may suffer or talented, burned out employees may decide to leave.

2. Is Your Project Appropriate For An External Partner?

Some custom software projects are appropriate for a software development firm, while others should be handled internally. In order for an external partner to develop your software solution, your business objectives must be well defined. You must also be willing to transfer control of the project to your partner, allowing them to decide and manage how the work gets done.

Some of the most common types of software development projects suitable for an external development team include:

  • Building a new product
  • Maintaining and supporting an existing system
  • Co-developing a product with an internal team

Conversely, the following custom software projects should be handled internally:

  • Projects that require micromanagement
  • Very small projects that require a great amount of internal knowledge
  • Projects where business objectives are not defined
  • Projects and initiatives that are not a high priority for your business

An overworked IT team tends to be unhappier and less productive than a team with a manageable workload. It may be unrealistic to expect your IT staff to take on software development projects in addition to managing all of their daily responsibilities.

Give your internal team time to do what they do best: manage existing systems. Your business operations suffer when no one fills this role. A software development firm provides you with the solutions you need to foster improvement through innovative software.

Ready to learn how a software development firm complements your IT department? Receive expert advice by contacting us or calling 336-245-4578 to speak with a software consultant.

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