In 2012, Globant was established  in Mar del Plata . The office is located in the old Sea Museum (Museo del Mar) in one of the most traditional sites of the city. The  address is Av. Colón 1114.

The building was adapted to Globant’s culture but the original architecture with an aquarius and samples of the traditional museum were  kept. In this  way  we hope the space motivates the innovative spirit and creativity, and at the same time, it reflects the characteristics of this coastal city.

Some Insights about the office:

  • In our offices you can enjoy our ping-pong table, metegol, playStation, Chill Out with grill and music room with electric drums, bass and guitar.
  • The chosen theme for the decoration of the office is the sea. In keeping with the theme , our conference rooms were given the names of : Poseidon, Starfish, Sea Lion, Sirens, etc.Poseidon, Starfish, Sea Lion, Sirens, etc.
  • The office counts on some surf boards so Globers can use  them whenever they want,  as well also changing rooms.
  • On the first floor we have a show of sea snails that we have from the old Sea Museum.  This is a unique collection that belonged to Benjamin Sisterna, who travelled to different parts of the world and brought different species from several around  the world: Oceania’s and Indian Ocean’s coasts and Indian coasts, Africa and Asia,
  • We also have massage sessions and healthy food like fruits on-site.

City’s characteristics:

  • Population: approximately 614.350 inhabitants .
  • Mar del Plata is a coastal city located on the southeast of the province in Buenos Aires, upon the shore of the Argentinian Sea, counting with an important harbour and awesome beaches.
  • It also has several options when it comes to college studies: Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, UTN, Universidad Fasta, Universidad CAECE y Atlántida Argentina.

Open Positions: Would you like to apply to any of our positions in Mar del Plata? Click here

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