Globant was founded in 2003, and today it has more than 35 offices around the world. One of them is the Santiago office, the first city in Chile where Globant has presence. Its first office was established in March 2016, and it’s still growing today.

Some insights about the site:

  • The site opened its doors on March 4th, 2016, located at Street Cerro El Plomo 5630, neighbor Las Condes, in one of the most important business districts  in Santiago de Chile.
  • It’s a multicultural site: there are Globers from different parts of the world: Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, France, Venezuela and Brasil. This makes it a very unique and enriching site in different experiences.
  • It’s one of the newest Globant’s offices and in only a year it has doubled in size. It has more than 100 job positions and several conference rooms.
  • In the Chill Out you can enjoy the ping-pong table, metegol, playstation and a colorful mural representing Globant’s culture in Chile.
  • This office’s uniqueness  are the spaces for puzzle building, which is not only a hobby for Globers but also an important contribution to the office’s decor and identity. It started as a gift of one of it’s godfathers, Mariano Nardi, nowadays its a tradition.
  • It counts with a music conference room that has guitars, music keyboard and drums. It’s a space seized by musicians at Globant Chile.
  • It’s an office which main the characteristic is the coolness of Globers, its constant afters and integration activities that  make it a really entertaining place to work, generating friendships between its members, transcending the scope of work.

Volunteering actions: We not only have fun but also we help people broaden their horizons. In Santiago there’s a Laboratoria subsidiary, where we are constantly helping people, offering workshops or talks to complement the job. Click here to know more

Interesting data: As in every Globant, we challenge the status quo and Chile is no exception. The idiosyncrasy of a person from Chile is that an office is where interviews are attended wearing a suit and tie, and a ping-pong table was unthinkable. In fact, many of the people that are  originally from Chile , distrusted the company and joined  thinking that there was something weird behind benefits and wellness for employees. Changing the idea of work that people have in their minds makes the difference that the company is highlighting in the industry, not only from the employee’s point of view, but also the client’s.

Have Fun: In Globant different initiatives are organized, for example, for the end of the year video, which is intended for Globers to have fun,  they killed it in Santiago ! We share with you one of the most popular  video, the end of the year party in 2016, with our own Justin Timberlake (Marcos Heredia) playing the famous song: “Can’t Stop the Feeling” the clip was very  successful! ! Watch video

Open Positions: Would you like to apply to any of our positions in Chile? Click here

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