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Have  you ever wondered  why Globant Chaco might be the site of Argentina where the northern part of the country is represented by excellence? Is not  only because of  its high temperatures that are reached during the summer, but also because of the warmth of the people that go through Globant’s office halls.

In August 19th, 2010, Globant opened its doors in a province on the northern part of the country, Chaco, building an office with originally 40 employees in the capital city of the province, Resistencia.

During those years it continue to grow, and on April 2015, the office opened a new floor, incorporating new talents. Nowadays, the office in Chaco counts with 3 floors in the building .

City’s characteristics

  • Located at the southeast of the province, 17 kms away from Corrientes, which is linked with Resistencia by Puente General Belgrano, and  between both cities there is an approximate  of 800 thousands inhabitants.
  • It has more than 600 sculptural works in the streets of the city, a true open-air museum, hence the name , the National Capital of Sculptures.

Some insights about the office

Address: Frondizi 174, 5th Floor, Mira Building.

Globers are from Chaco, Corrientes, Misiones and Formosa.

In it’s Chill Out, you can appreciate a plotted background with illustrated characters of native animals of the area. In addition, it has table tennis / pool and playstation.

The conference rooms contribute to the local theme: each one is named after the native species, like yaguareté, yacaré, surubí, guazuncho and tatú mulita. Every conference room has its own peculiarity: “Yaguareté” the music room, counts with guitars, a bass, a cajon, and other instruments. The “Tatú Mulita” room  it’s not only a conference room, but a relax room as well,  where Globers can go and relax for a while. It counts with two hammocks hanging from the ceiling, a synthetic grass that invites every Glober to feel as if he/she were surrounded by nature, a tablet with music to choose and listen, and a calm acoustic that allows Globers to leave worries behind.

As local benefits we count with massage days, healthy foods like fruits, a nutritionist on site and discounts to local shops.

The talks “GlobanTED” were born in this office, these consist on 15 minute talks by four  speakers that present their experiences or talents as in TEDx talks.

This is the birthplace of  the “greedy challenge”: “The Glober’s Master Chef” in which through three  steps, the best dishes where tasted.

We celebrate birthdays and welcome to new hires monthly, events where the musts are: a questions ping-pong, karaoke, games, and a lot of dancing.

Traditions: if you are new, you have to bring fruit to the office, this includes on your birthdate as well.  

Open Positions. Would you like to apply to any of our positions in Resistencia? Click Here.

Collaboration by: Claudia Romero.

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