In this edition of “Inside Globant Studios”, we’ll talk with Gabriela Moirano (Studio Partner for our UX Design Studio) and Isadora Valline (Visual Design Manager & Tech Director, UX Design Studio)

– Tell us something about you, your family, your passions and hobbies, anything you want to share. How long have you been part of the Globant team?

Isadora: I’ve been working at Globant for the last 9 years, always in Design. One of my passions has to do with Design, my chosen career, and the challenges that come with it. Another passion of mine is travelling! I love meeting new cultures, landscapes and ways of life.

Gabriela: I’ve been at Globant for almost 12 years in the Design area, when I got in we were less than 10 designers and some of us are still working together. What I’ve enjoyed the most through all these years is working to build teams, that became more and more professionalized, always looking to grow and setting the bar a little higher, generating new practices within Design to enrich our work. And through all these years I also built my own family, so when I get home and I’m welcomed by that whirlwind of hugs and kisses from my daughters, that’s the best part of my day.

What has your career path at Globant been like? What did you change along the way to adapt to new roles and projects?

Isa: My path at Globant started as a Visual Designer, but I went through all the transformations along with Globant and built my own path to become Visual Design Manager and Technical Director for the UX Design Studio. This career growth made me improve, gain more responsibilities and learn from the new roles that came up within the Studio.

Gabi: I started out as a designer dedicated to one client, with a very small team, then I was put in charge of the design team as an Area Maanger. A couple of years later the Globant Studios were created (among them, the UX Design Studio) and we became more and more professionalized, so we created the Visual Design and User Experience practices, and more recently, the Service Design practice.

– What was the biggest challenge or most innovative project you had to face along with your team?

Isa: We did a project for one of the biggest media companies worlwide, it was a mobile app for kids where they could chat, play and interact with cartoon characters as well as get news on movies and tv shows. The biggest challenge was working with an extremely professional and demanding client, design-wise. The adrenaline and pressure made us learn a lot and size up to expectations.

Gabi: There have been a lot of challenging projects that required an innovative solution. The one I remember the most was working in a portal for educational projects that we presented for the Vatican. Watching the video presenting the project that we had developed at Globant while the Pope came into the room was really moving, and watching kids from all over the world using the platform was really exciting.

– In what parts of your daily work do you see the “Globant culture” expressed?

Isa: In the philosophy of learning from everyone, in innovation, in adapting to new technologies and processes all the time, or to different businesses, and still come up with a success.

Gabi: I see it everyday in our collaborative, interdisciplinary work, in looking for better solutions for the problems our clients present to us, in not settling for the first version and keep searching for better ways to do things, and in the people that love what they do.

– How did your job change in the last few years due to the rapid technological changes that come up all the time?

Isa: In learning, being at the forefront of every new trend in Design and Technology. Being ahead of the curve to train yourself and create knowledge within the team so we can offer these solutions to existing and potential clients.

Gabi: Our job changes all the time due to technological changes, we started out doing HTML web pages and now we’re designing IoT (Internet of Things) products, designing omnichannel strategies to understand how a brand relates to its audience through all its touchpoints. Our work has become more and more exciting.


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