In this edition of “Inside Globant Studios”, we’ll talk with Sonali Palkar (Technical Director) from Pune, India.

– How long have you been part of the Globant team? Tell us something about you, your family, your passions and hobbies, anything you want to share.

I have been a part of Globant for the past  three years. From the very beginning I have always been passionate about solving problems using technology.I have a knack for  finding out the most optimized and innovative solutions. I have over 14 years of experience in development and management of software products. Apart from technology, I like drawing and painting and have won several competitions. Throughout my life I have been an exceptional  student , and have won various  scholarships from prestigious foundations in India.

My husband Aniket is also a software professional and we share a passion for technology and how it can help solve day to day problems. My four year old son has taught me being more patient, and innovative. Small activities with him inspire me so much, in terms of how to look at a problem in the simplest way and take it up with the most basic approach.

– What has your career path at Globant been like? What changes did you make along the way to adapt to new roles and projects?

I joined Globant as a Technical Manager, and since then I have taken an active participation in every part of a product development. From the embryonic  stage of an idea to conceptualization, the broader responsibility of making it happen, coordinating and managing the team and the final product delivery, my part in all of the stages have been from the start and have been truly engaging.  Today as a Technical Director, my approach is still the same. I am involved in multiple projects, and I look into all of them like they are my brainchild.

I have been successful in creating a mix of User Experience, Development and Quality Assurance teams to deliver projects within the timeline. I keep on improving my understanding of the management of cross functional teams through interactions and brainstorming with the team.

– What was the biggest challenge or most innovative project you had to face along with your team?

We have designed and developed a digital platform to empower women for India’s second most popular brand, Fair and Lovely. This was challenging but the most innovative project for me and my team. We helped the Fair and Lovely brand to enhance their digital marketing presence. The  team worked closely with the brand as technical partner for the brand’s mission To bring an attitudinal change among five million women across Asia and Africa by year 2020 to become self-reliant before marriage”

We performed user research, concept building, concept testing, design strategy,  product definition, and built journeys for the platform. After this design phase, we built an entire user centric product.

The key challenge was understanding the users and their ever-evolving needs. On the technical front there were lots of dynamics due to integrations with the other technical vendors with mismatch in API formats and dependencies on their delivery timelines. We overcame the issues, identified innovative solutions to our challenges, had regular communications and follow-ups with vendors as well as with the brand and a constant support from our team. The platform has gone live since Jan 2017, with  more than 45000 live users getting inspired, moving from confusion to clarity and learning through the online courses to achieve their goals.

– In what parts of your daily work do you see the “Globant culture” expressed?

My work has never been hindered and has been appreciated by my peers and management since day one. I get complete autonomy and flexibility on my work approach. Agile methods are instilled in each of the people, hence the teams we work in, can deliver projects successfully within deadlines. People are always ready to help anyone with free information flow. Support from leadership has encouraged everyone  to keep on succeeding in their work.

– Anything else you’d like to share?

There is no substitute for sincere efforts, and it always reaps positive results. If you are truly passionate about technology, the job will  never be stressful!

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