In this edition of “Inside Globant Studios”, Pushkar Gokhale (Technical Director from Digital Content Studio) from Pune(India) told us about his work as the Technical Director of the Digital Content Studio.

Tell us about yourself. What passions and hobbies do you have? What is your family like?

I am a self-motivated and self-driven individual who loves to work with people. I am  very socially active  and believe in a simple philosophy: that Life is an echo, and what you send out will come back to you.” I am a foodie who enjoys traveling, following all kinds of sports, enjoy listening to music, and can playing various kinds of percussion instruments.

About my family, I live with four women and, trust me, that is an achievement. My wife is a Mompreneur who basically takes care of everything at home (thus making my life easy). My two daughters, who are 10 and 6 years old, and keep me lively and energetic. I also live with my mom, who has been my pillar of strength.

Can you briefly tell us about your experience prior to Globant? Do you want to share your experience of some interesting projects or any work that you think is worth mentioning?

I have approximately 16 years of experience in IT companies, with more than a decade in the last company I worked in. Talking about my prior experience, the whole tenure in my last company was a great learning experience as I got to perform various roles and actively be a part of a growing an organization from 1000 odd to 5500+ people. During that process I worked with each and every function in the company in some or the other capacity or another. This kind of experience is priceless.

Furthermore, I got the opportunity to establish and grow the Enterprise Content Management, Center of Excellence at Cybage into a strong practice. This was an interesting phase and a highlight of my career, as it involved technology, people, processes and mentoring basically all things that I am passionate about.

How have you adapted to the technology trends that are drastically advancing  each year? How did your job change in the last few years due to these rapid technological changes?

I started my career as a hardcore technology professional and always had an inherent liking for it. Right from data structures, the introduction of the .Net framework, the SOA or the micro-services architectures, the emergence of distributed databases, the release of mobility platforms, sea of changes in web technologies, rise of cloud computing, and the latest disruptive wave of AI and ML, I have followed, researched, and tried to learn nearly all of them. I believe that in our industry technology is of prime importance, irrespective of what role you are performing or in what level you are placed.

In my last role, I served as a Consultant and Presales Head in the digital practice.  This meant that I had to stay ahead of our customers/competitors in terms of identifying changing technology trends, studying the positive but disruptive effects these trends had on the way business now functions, and then building competency around such technologies. In terms of digital content management, the perspective was rapidly changing from just content publishing to managing and delivering experiences. Every time you spoke to a customer to consult with them on technology implementations, there would always be a mention of a new technology hype that had just arrived. Gone are the days when you would go in with a prepared mindset and a traditional, pre-designed pitch. Now it is all about how updated you are, how relevant  you have kept yourself with regard to this disruptive digital transformation wave.

Can you tell us about your role in Globant? How is your work experience to date?

In my current role at Globant, I am working as a Technical Director in the Digital Content Studio. Globally, this is one of our stable and established studios. From our perspective, in India, this is a young and growing studio, and I am very excited to be a part of it.  I am confident that I’ll make a difference and great contribution with all my prior experience. So far my experience with Globant has been good and is getting better with each day that goes by.

How do you like the Globant culture? Is there any difference from the culture at you noticed from your previous organizations?

In every organization it’s the culture that binds the employees and the company together. I can say that I respect Globant’s culture which gives freedom to its employees to express themselves, be innovative, and facilitate a mutually-healthy environment at work. Such an environment instills a sense of ownership in employees, and in turn inspires an individual to put in their best effort at work. The People team carries out many initiatives like training programs, outdoor events, hobby nurturing, fun activities, and group-building sessions, all of which are helpful for individuals and bringing people together.

Generally, we notice that in most Indian IT organizations there are a lot of restrictions and totally unnecessary disciplines/compliances. This results in employees’ focus shifting more towards abiding by these restrictions, finding ways to stay away from them and, on the whole, exercise losing lose sight of their core responsibility of putting forth their best effort and bringing value to the team. Thankfully, this practice is slowly changing in our industry and Globant is already the pioneer of this across all its locations.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I would like to mention the office space and interiors, which are vibrant, colorful, and refreshing, and surely build a positive aura. It is so pleasant to walk into the offices every single morning.

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