We like to continue to showcase our Mobile Studios and who better  than Juli Caccavo (iOS Architect @Globant) to tell  you about #Mobile!

Here’s the article:

Tell us about you, your family, your passions, your hobbies, and your team at Globant. How long have you been part of the team?


I was born in Coronel Suárez, a small city 550 kms away from Buenos Aires, where I lived until I was 18 years old. Now at 29, and after a decade or so of  living in the capital city of Argentina,  I got  to admit I feel like I was born here. There is no doubt  I love big cities, and Buenos Aires is no exception.

I studied Systems Engineering. I always loved math and obviously I spent hours in the computer. I may have inherited this from my mom who loves technology. Shortly after I finished my studies and waiting to begin something new, I started developing mobile apps for iOS, from then on, I continued to specialize in the mobile world.

I joined  Globant in 2013, looking for new experiences and above all, big challenges. Today, that is what I can say about working at Globant: it is all about new experiences and big challenges.

Above technology, I love golf, a sport that I practice since I was little, though with less frequency now. I enjoy travelling and I try to do it as much as I can, and since last year I’m dabbling in the production of craft beer, brewing a delicious IPA every once in a while.

What has been your career path at Globant?

Opportunities and challenges were always present from the very beginning. During my first six months I had the opportunity to  participate  in four different projects. Even though  those were really intense months , it was a good start. Firstly, because each project means a different team, new people all the time and people from whom you can always learn something new. In addition, each project was with a different client and a  different industry. It was like an accelerated course of what working at Globant meant.

A second phase of my professional growth was a project much more extensive and long term oriented.  It is really interesting to see how  a product evolves, understanding the impact that it generates on the user and having the opportunity to  be  part of a team that matures over time, and improves their  internal coordination and customers’ relationship.

With the passing of time responsibilities were added. Being part of more complex technical solutions , leading teams and completing each projects’ tasks along with the organization of the Mobile Studio, as coordinating trainings or tech talks, contributing with proposals and teams  development , and participating in strategic decisions for the Studio and Company.

I think that the key to adapting myself to constant change and to challenges that sometimes seem impossible, is counting on and learning from people with whom I’m fortunate  to work  with. In every team I participated, I have met excellent people and professionals.  They inspire and motivate me every day, which is key to a continuous personal and professional growth.  

Which was the biggest challenge or most innovative project you had to face along with your teammates?


I think each phase inside Globant has its own challenges,  at the same time we all share the same big challenge which is to work for a leading  company on the world stage. For the past few  years I’ve had the opportunity to work  with clients like Ebay, GAP, Humana and United Airlines, among many others that without a doubt it means a great responsibility because of its magnitude and level of requirements.

Teams that work in different mobile apps that Humana offers to its clients to manage the health plan, buy medicines or apps that impulse a healthy life. We had the chance of visualizing the user experience from different perspectives and from there  propose innovative solutions. Through apps that integrate gadgets such as smartwatches, beacons and fitness trackers, its remarkable the industry’s evolution, as important as the health industry. At the same time, is very  gratifying being part of a change that impacts on society positively.

In what areas of your daily work do  you see Globant’s culture expressed?

Globant has its own culture and it’s really notable. The first thing I would remark is teamwork. The collaborative environment and continuous and mutual learning is not only seen in teams that participate in projects, but also in teams built to think about  a new proposal, to think any innovative solution that involves different technologies, or even the work we do  in  the different areas to organize ourselves internally.

Frequently, I have meetings with other Globers whom I’ve never worked or even met before, the teamwork flows immediately.

I think working in a goal-oriented and flexible environment are a must, at the same time it involves a great responsibility and motivation.

Over the years and after all the technological changes that have been made, how has your work changed?   

In the tech world it’s a must to be up to date with the latest technologies independently of the area of specialization one  has. Obviously, that involves a certain dedication and constancy that at the same time is an essential part of our job.

In particular, the mobile area evolution has been remarkable in the last years, not only talking about smartphones, but also smart watchs or even wearable gadgets. It’s a relatively new world with an innovation level that keeps on growing and the chances are infinite. Without going any further, in the last two years, those who were implementing solutions for iOS gadgets like me, had to implement gadgets as the Apple Watch and Apple TV, and the  programming language is completely new.

I think that’s also a big privilege to have  the opportunity  to work with one of the most influential  companies in technology world-wide. It is s a great experience to be at the forefront, as it gives you the chance of to be constantly  updated and pushing your own horizons.

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