In this “Inside Globant Studios” edition, we talk with Haldo Sponton, Tech Master (Data Science and AI) at Globant.

Montevideo (Uruguay)

-Tell us about you, your family,  passions and hobbies

My name is Haldo Sponton, I was born in Parque del Plata, a coastal city of 7 thousand inhabitants, 50 kms away from Montevideo, Uruguay. I currently reside in  Montevideo, where I began my studies at the School of Engineering. After graduating with  a degree in Telecommunications Engineering, I moved to Paris, where I pursued a  masters degree in Applied Math, focusing on images, audio and machine learning. As a Telecommunications Engineer,  I am highly oriented in signal processing (audio and images), one of my passions is music, which is the reason why I always love  to mix technology and music.

For six years, I taught  at the School of Engineering in Montevideo. Then, I finished an MBA focused on technology companies. Some may consider my academic formation a little weird! Apart from music, I also like motorcycles, photography, snowboarding, cats and Starbucks’ coffee.

-How did you build your career path at Globant? What have you changed over time to adapt yourself to new roles and projects?

I started at Globant as Data Scientist. Shortly after,  I participated in a process of “Discovery Onsite” in New York. That experience was really enriching, and helped me to meet Globers of other sites. It was super intense but motivating. When I came back, I continued working on the project while I worked on other investigation projects and concept tests related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. I’m really passionate about these topics as they continue to revolutionize the software industry.

I have participated in different presales processes, preparing proposals for very diverse clients. Throughout my career at Globant, I have been fortunate to meet people who are well informed and knowledgeable, and I continue to stay in contact with them.  I  have been very lucky to work in really interesting projects that presented  new challenges with great visibility.

-Which was the biggest challenge or most innovating project that you had to face with your team?

We are developing the studio and practice of AI. This has a thousand technical challenges but also business challenges. In today’s world this kind of technologies allows a thousand new applications, business cases and user experiences. We are responsible for delivering this new value to Globant as well as to all our clients.

Fortunately, people are getting more interested in knowing how applications based on machine learning or deep learning work. People are getting more into data science in general.

Lately, we have participated in events such as Globant Think Big Sessions and other talks in order to spread our skills, so people come to know the practice and understand what is AI and how it can add value to what we do. That’s a challenge we love and have assumed. .

-In which of your daily tasks can you see Globant’s culture?

In every minute, in every interaction. Since the first  day I started at Globant, I could feel the environment in which we work. Team work and the constant search for excellence can be seen in every aspect at Globant, not only in the Technology area (people with whom, for obvious reasons, I have more contact) but in every area of the company.

In these past months  I have  had the opportunity to  visit  different Globant offices: Uruguay, Argentina and United States. In every office you breath the same air, the way they treat all  Globers is really nice and people are fun! I have met Globers from all over the world, they are great.

-How has your job changed over the years after all the technological changes?

In these past two years, the evolution of AI  has been awesome. Today is not crazy to think in training an algorithm with millions of images, to learn to recognize certain characteristics in image and describe it in natural language. Applications that a few years ago seemed to be science fiction, are now real – and I’m not talking 10 or 20 years ago. This is only the beginning!

We are living a very interesting technologic revolution: which means thousands of opportunities. We have the necessary skills and we are very motivated to take advantage of them.

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