In this “Inside Globant Studios” we spoke with Delfina Casal (Digital Marketing Director) who shared with  us the  studio practice in detail.

-Tell us about you, your family, your passions, your hobbies and team at  Globant. How long have you been part of the team?

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My family and I, moved to  Cuba because of my dad’s job, where we lived  until I was 5 years old.I have the tendency to be the one who gets cold easily, it may be because I grew up in the Caribbean. That is why, I am always asking to raise the temperature of the air conditioning in the office during the summer.  

After living in Cuba we lived in many different  countries and continents, including Bangkok, Tunisia, Bulgaria, United States and Ecuador, where I did elementary and high school, both at international schools. I also started part of my college studies abroad. Even though I was awarded a  scholarship at an American University to play soccer better known as football in the US, I decided to go back to Buenos Aires to learn more about my country, culture and family.

I graduated with a degree in Economic Intercultural Management in the Faculty of Economics at Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires. Following,, I did a lot of courses related to digital marketing and I got an specialization in Direct and Interactive Marketing at Universidad de San Andrés.

I worked all along while pursuing my career.   It’s been more than 12 years that I have been  working in the industry from the client side as well as from the agent side. I joined   Globant over a year  ago to continue  motivating the Marketing Digital practice as part of the service offering of the company. This year the team grew to almost a 200% with diverse profiles as the Analytics Marketing Intelligence, Social Media, Content, SEO, Advertising and Email Marketing.

Apart from  my career , which I enjoy immensely, I love to go out with friends and family, watch  TV series, travel to unknown places and try new things. I love animals and I have a dog named  Moro whom I adore.

-What are you working on at the moment?

We have different projects, but I’m working particularly in one that’s about the monetization of its site and improving its brand awareness. In the team, strategists are participating on monetization and content, specialists in Social Media, Community Managers and Analytics Experts. Altogether working after the same goal and collaborating with other teams like UX and Development.

-Which was your biggest challenge or the most innovating project you faced with your team?

The most interesting and at the same time the most challenging is to work  on strategy  and the implementation piece with multidisciplinary teams.  . What we  love the most is participate  in our client’s strategy and discover how the same solution can be seen from different aspects and complemented. That’s where the enriching part of our solution is: because it’s analyzed, tested and substantiated from every point of view. I mean, different teams use diverse methodologies and tools and that way we share our findings and building a solid solution. As we have so many projects and we are a multidisciplinary team with different points of views and roles. It’s so difficult to choose!

-In which of your daily tasks can you see Globant’s culture?

It’s been a really enriching year for me, where I learnt about different practices and met awesome professionals..

Regarding my daily tasks, I’m really proud of leading a team made up of exceptional professionals on the tech side as well as the human side. I love to learn from them every day.

We all work in a goal-oriented way, in a collaborative environment and in multidisciplinary teams. In the Digital Marketing team – as well as in all Globent – we have really diverse profiles and that’s where value is born. What satisfies me the most is when I see someone from  my team helping others, or when a teammate asks someone to help him/her with  some specified technology out of his scope. For our team, human quality is as important as curiosity.

We have to be solid on our knowledges but also have a certain amount  of humility to keep on learning. This takes you to be  curious, and being curious takes you to  always aim to do better.

Technologies change and evolve and to  work  in this industry you have to always  be reading and learning. I love when the team shares something new they may have learned,  because it helps us to be more innovative and more professional.

-How has your job evolved over the years after all the technological changes?

Digital Marketing is blending with technology more and more, and Globant is the ideal place for always being  at the forefront when it comes to  this practice. Our function is to work with clients at the whole customer lifecycle, helping them to attract  new clients and to become leads as users and clients and ideally as brand’s’ ambassadors. All of this should be accomplished by the best user experience possible.  

Technology allows us to be more and more precise. We have teams  specialized in tools/technology and/or really specific products as marketing automation tools, personalization and marketing cloud solutions.

With Globant, the possibilities are unlimited, thanks to:

  1. Client’s scope
  2. The possibility of working in technologically advanced markets.
  3. The years we have been on the market as a company. This allows us to be partners with the best companies in this solutions in the world.

That’s why I continue to keep on learning from new technologies, and from existing ones in the market, so we can suggest to our clients the best solution that will fit their needs in an innovative way.

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