This time, we met with Ricardo Vella (for Globers, Ricky) who told us about his career at Globant and the opportunities he had to grow with the company.  He started as a  Semi-Senior  Developer and then became a  Tech Master for the Consumer Experience Studio.

Tell us about you, your family, your passions and hobbies, and your team at Globant. How long have you been part of the team?

I was born in the city of Diagonals, La Plata. I’m 32 years old, I enjoy technological challenges. I’ve been at Globant for a long time, and still remember when I first walked by Globant’s office and said “One day, I’d love to work in this place. That is my dream”.

I’m lucky to have been through different practice areas of the Consumer Experience studio.  I have learned  a lot of eCommerce, API Management, Hybrid Technologies and Seamless Experience. What I value the most is the people with whom I work, their human qualities, and the  support they give me everyday to make my Globant’s experience even nicer.

I love getting  fresh air, and walk  around. I’m one of those people who prefers mountains rather than the sea, and I love activities like snorkeling, though one activity which is still  pending  is skydiving, but the time will come.

I have a lot of friends at Globant, and what never stops surprising me is the experience of going to other offices and meeting people face to face. I take with me awesome experiences like going to Cordoba, Tandil and San Francisco and coming back really grateful.

What has been your career path at Globant? What have you changed along with time to adapt yourself to new roles and projects?

Talking about Globant and not talking about the possibilities of career growth given here is impossible! I started my career as Ssr Developer (back at that time, with Php and Drupal) in a thrilling project for a really important broadcast media company in Colombia.

It was followed by  really challenging projects, that took me not only to think as a developer, but to see projects from a more strategic point of view. I had the pleasure of leading really big projects for a well-known park in Orlando, with a continuous contact with the client in the US.

I have been in several projects, all of them opened doors that I never imagine it would. . I have memories of talking with my friends in La Plata and whispering: “People, people, I have to go to Switzerland and then to San Francisco, I can’t believe it” (Yes! I had to bring back chocolates)

Today I find myself developing my professional career as a Technical Manager in the  Consumer Experience Studio, something that I value a lot is Globant’s skill of always surprising me with new technologies and challenges. There’s not a single day when I don’t learn something, and each project that comes is different than the previous  one.

I always remember the day that I was told: would you like to be Technical Lead? I can assure you that I still remember that as well as the projects that I led and the professional achievements I had, I always have great  memories, especially of those hours before the “demos”, preparing everything to the last detail so big audiences could  see it, and finally listening to the team happy, as they would experience the audience recognized their efforts.  

Which is the biggest challenge or most innovative project you had to face along with your teammates?


Something important that I’ve learned  along the way  is that every project  always has a great challenge, which takes us to innovate constantly.

As I contemplate to all the times after the projects are completed, I can’t believe to think about the number of solutions we provided our clients and how happy they felt after we finished the project. It is due to what I call the “Globant Factor” we start from zero and we incorporate technical aspects and emotional aspects which involve immersing ourselves into the project and with passion and innovation we give and produce as best work!

Tracing back the path that brought us to the end of the project we realize is “our secret sauce” – Digital Journeys. In the project, we achieve to make the digital journey that differentiates us from the rest.  We not only propose solutions that guarantee success but a long-term strategy that will help each client to be unique in what they do and stand out from all other existing solutions.

In what areas of your daily work do  you see Globant’s culture expressed?

Something I love about my job is how I can see Globant’s culture every minute of the day. From the moment one arrives to the office and is welcomed with a “Richard, I gave you an star!” and you arrive anxious to see what’s that about, you open StarmeUp and always see a recognition.

I remember on many occasions during our planning, changing our minds and debating our different opinions to improve and understand the different product characteristics regardless of one’s role in the company.  

What is really exciting is to be  part of other Globers’ career. paths I think that’s one of the best things that happens to me here. Knowing that I have the opportunity to help  Globers from where I’m standing and that I can organize boot camps for external people with the willingness of learning, is a fantastic feeling.

As time goes by you start to see how the offices are full of new people. People that have gone through the boot camps, training, or technical interviews you organize, that’s when I can’t help but smile!  It’s a very rewarding feeling, to see how Globers who participate in your sessions have gained more knowledge, responsibilities and are now leading projects.  I love to hear a Glober say: “look what I’ve done Richard, it’s all in Angular 2.  Do you remember when I started and did not even know what JS was?” the feeling is exhilarating.

Over the years and after all the technological changes that have been made, how has your work changed?   

Clearly, the passing of time taught me not to be attached   to only one technology, which enabled me to see the challenge in a different perspective. In front end as well as in backend, the breakthrough of new technologies like Hybrid  have resulted  in a great challenge not only at the time of planning and building a systems’ architecture, but also at the time of giving trainings and building teams.

The path of new technologies opened many doors and new opportunities such as  giving talks of different topics at universities like UTN or UNLP, as well as being invited by clients who opened their doors so we could talk about topics like eCommerce.

To go  back a few years ago and think about  real time apps, JS, from the server’s side or SPAs was astonishing and to be part of it today after such a long time to get where we are today made me wonder ,  what’s going to come next? And I think this is something really important to us, and it’s something that we take into account from the Studio, when it comes to training ourselves in different market trends or technologies that will be everywhere in the coming years.

Is there something else that you’d like to comment?

I love to know that each project that begins gives me the opportunity to leave a mark k and change a little piece of the world. Thanks to all the clients with global presence, the impact that you have when the system is designed is really strong and millions of people are going to be interacting with what one designs, that’s why from any role in PODs, things are made to be always at the climb.

Certainly , all of this is achieved thanks to the team (the best one you could ask) not only in the technical aspect, as I was saying before, but also with the integration of other areas of Globant as QCI, Staffing, Recruiting, Communications and many others.  I like to take this opportunity  to say thank you for  all I’ve learned  and the moments that we shared together.


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