In this edition of “Inside Globant Studios”, Alice Krenitski (Design Strategist) from San Francisco told us how was her relocation experience.

– How long have you been part of the Globant team? And describe your role in the company.

I worked with WAE as a senior strategist in New York, and after we were acquired by Globant, moved to the San Francisco office in January of this year. As a strategist, I work with my team to help clients bring the user into the design and development process—focusing both on blue sky ideation and innovation, to more focused and rapid iterations. Our deliverables vary a lot from project to project based on the client needs. Sometimes our work results in a research report with actionable insights, other times it may be a prototype, new design process, or other strategy recommendations that lead to the build of a new product or iteration of an existing feature.

– Tell us something about you, your family, your passions and hobbies.

Over the past few months since moving to California, I’ve enjoyed exploring the Bay Area! So far I have spent most weekends exploring the different national and state parks, lakes, and wine country within 1-3 hours of the city.

– What was the biggest challenge or most innovative project you had to face along with your team?

Every project comes with its set of unique challenges—but that’s why we love the work. The bigger, the sticker, the more ambiguous the problem a client needs to solve, the more we enjoy making sense of it.

– In what parts of your daily work do you see the “Globant culture” expressed?

Hard work, passion for problem solving, and a supportive team is something I see expressed every day on both coasts of the US. I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity in the past year to experience working from the San Francisco Globant office and the New York office. Culturally, the two have a lot in common. I find on a day to day basis, in both places, employees love coming into the office not just to work, but also to see each other, support each other in their work and laugh a lot!

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