Empowered by new technologies, consumers and new digital competitors are changing what is expected from brands. And with so much choice out there, companies need to rethink their strategy to create relevant, unique, personalised and memorable experiences that enrich the relationship between the business and user.

New players – digital native businesses – are already shaking the foundation of entire industries by focusing on the consumer experience to establish stronger ties with their customers. These next generation players, powered by emerging digital technologies, are disrupting the market place.

Although pace of digital disruption varies by industry, there are already massive changes across some sectors, including retail, travel, taxi services and advertising. And these digital shifts in operation are imminent across the economy: Just look at PayPal, Skype and Uber – they have all have created completely new digital journeys that were initially dismissed.

So how do you get on board?

There is a new and effective way to interact with consumers – it’s called a Digital Journey.

Built on a combination of innovative thinking and engineering, Digital Journeys surprise and engage consumers to generate long lasting emotional connections that build brand loyalty. They offer an opportunity to totally disrupt markets and win market share.

And these journeys are so much more than just developing a mobile app or a web platform. Companies need to rethink their whole strategy, implement new methodologies and redefine their culture to promote innovation.

This represents a massive shift  – a major digital transformation for many businesses. But to survive in today’s digital environment – it can’t be ignored.

And you don’t have to.

Martin Migoya, Globant CEO & Co-Founder, Guibert Englebienne, Globant CTO & Co Founder and Andres Angelani, Globant CSO have pulled together all the lessons learned from building digital journeys for customers around the world into their new book The Never-Ending Digital Journey. The book outlines the key factors behind successful digital transformations. It delivers a detailed guide on how to create more powerful and personalised digital experiences and includes a comprehensive selection of real world case studies illustrating how well known brands have already successfully created new consumer experiences through digital technology.

The official UK book launch takes place on 24th May 2016 at the Hospital Club in London. Book your place today for an opportunity to meet the authors, hear success stories from existing customers and gain your free, signed copy of the book.

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