Manage Your Projects To Create The Most Innovative Software Solutions

When you’re busy managing your internal resources, you may believe you don’t have time to bring an external team up to speed on your business goals and project specifications. After all, you need to meet your deadlines.

If your internal team is overworked, however, you may not have the bandwidth to develop the custom software your company needs to be competitive. Tight or missed deadlines and overtaxed internal resources are crucial signs you need to work with an external partner.

The right software development company integrates quickly and works efficiently with your team without disrupting your day-to-day operations. They are able to gather information on your behalf, communicate your vision to the team and manage the entire development process so your internal team is able to focus on other critical areas of your business.

If you choose to partner with an external software developer, you need the right guidance to ensure the success of your projects. Learn how to decide when you should work with an external partner and how to team with them to create truly innovative software.

Decide Whether An External Team Is Right For Your Project

Depending on the availability of your internal resources and their expertise in developing the type of software you require, you may choose to develop software with the help of an external team.

To determine whether or not you should use external resources for a project, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the project have clear business objectives? An external developer needs to understand your goals to create an effective product.
  • Do you have executive approval? Without approval, it is unlikely your project will move forward.
  • Are your business stakeholders involved in the project, and are they committed to its success? If so, hiring the right team is the best way to ensure the success of your project.
  • How challenging are the deadlines for this project? An external team is able to accelerate the completion of your project when your internal team has other priorities.
  • Are you willing to transfer control and ownership of this project delivery? Your software development team needs some autonomy to deliver the best possible product.

Expert Tips To Manage Your Custom Software Projects

Partnering with the right team to create your custom software solution helps you develop a more innovative product on a tighter deadline. However, there are also challenges associated with managing an external team, including:

  • Learning how to effectively communicate and collaborate with your partner
  • Ensuring stakeholders stay engaged
  • Maintaining visibility of the project’s status and progress
  • Managing change and scope
  • Allowing your external team to be autonomous

In order to address these challenges and promote the success of your software development agreement, follow these tips for working with an external partner:

  • Let go of your control over the project and let the vendor do what they do best.
  • Listen to your partner – they have experience and expertise in software development.
  • Encourage your partner to challenge you.
  • Include your partner in strategic meetings and conversations so they understand the business challenges and how the technology will be used.
  • Work directly with your partner’s engineering team so your business objectives are clear to everyone on the project.
  • Take time to have regular process improvement discussions with your partner.

When you address the challenges of managing an external software development team, you enable your partner to take control of your project and deliver an innovative software solution that helps move your business forward.

Often, choosing to work with a partner is the most difficult decision involved in a custom software development agreement. Once you make this decision and select an expert partner, meeting strategic goals becomes a collaborative effort. You are able to ease your internal team’s workload and gain a competitive edge.

Ready to learn more about finding the ideal software development agreement for your company? Receive expert advice by contacting us or calling 336-245-4578 to speak with a software consultant.

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