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WWDC 2016 is all about platforms and their integrations: tvOS, macOS, iOS and watchOS. The main goal of all the updates, seen as a whole, revolve around delivering consistency through the platforms and creating a journey that reaches all the users activities on entertainment and content.

We’ve put together a list of the highlights we understand will have a significant impact in the future for each platform and affect customer’s journey in the near future.

iOS 10

In the latest iOS update, developers will be able to integrate their apps with Siri, allowing for example, to ask Siri to send a WhatsApp message. iOS 10 also allows developers to add content to the native iMessenger and Maps Apps, so you can send customized stickers provided by third parties through the Messenger App or book a hotel room through the Maps App directly. App Extensions are a big part of all the sessions. Also, Apple is reinforcing their commitment with their Home connectivity framework providing a centralized App called Home from where you can control any HomeKit devices you might have.

macOS (Previously known as OS X) Sierra

The big and highly anticipated update here is Siri for Mac. With this update, Siri is now available across the four platforms. Another addition to the macOS family is Apple Pay for web. Universal Clipboard is also a cool feature that adds consistency and continuity between platforms, it allows, for example, to copy a text or image from your iPhone and paste it on your Mac. The ability to unlock your mac through your watch is also a great continuity feature to reinforce the seamless experience that Apple is trying to achieve through this year’s updates.   


This new release not only improves app speed by enabling background loading, but also delivers new hardware access for Gyroscope and Accelerometer (in background) and Speaker. Workout apps can now run in the background, measuring heart rate and access the gyroscope and accelerometer. Apple Pay can now work in watchOS apps too, being able to finish your payments with just a double click either from a phone purchase or a mac purchase. Apple Watch is now, more than ever, focused on delivering quick and smart interactions for the user, removing the need to reach out for your phone to interact with your apps and your contacts. The Home App announced for iOS is also available on Watch, enabling the control of the house through the Watch.


Apple TV is now fully integrated with iPhone and iPad, adding more value to the home experience with HomeKit integration and using your devices as extra remotes. Some of the game-changing features introduced for tvOS is the change in the policy which now enables “controller only” Games. Previously, all games needed to support Apple TV Remote, which played against the platform as a gaming device, as most of the games didn’t implement game controller support or provided really simple playability. This, complemented with Metal or SpriteKit provides a better ecosystem to drive the Apple TV into a real gaming platform, which is really promising. Other new features were added to tvOS to provide an overall better User Experience, for example Single Sign On now simplifies the onboarding process for apps you already have installed on your phone, as well as the addition of an iOS Remote App to replace the Hardware Remote or add more players to a game without requiring more game controllers. Siri for tvOS has some tweaks too, and they are also adding support for other iOS frameworks that are now available for tvOS as well, such as HomeKit and Multipeer Connectivity and even some custom mechanism for silent push notifications that will enable new use cases for the Apple TV Apps.


At first glance Apple has provided small updates to its platforms, but in reality such changes go throughout the four platforms delivering the most integrated experience up to date for personal devices. This year’s WWDC was all about the journey, enhancing every step of the user experience making iDevices feel more like an interactive ecosystem that will impact how we live the Apple experience. We are already working with our clients to add the new features to the apps we are building together.

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