On September 21st, Globers in India traveled to Goa to live a unique four-day adventure! After arriving, the Globant Team in India – made up by Globers from different parts of the world – got comfortable in the hotel rooms and started exploring the place. Goa expected them with several surprises: activities and events, beach, swimming pool, football pitch, volleyball, and a lot more!

The first day, in between conversations, music, games and food, Globers got ready for the big event: the Gala Night. “After what I had talked with my teammates, they had been preparing parades, music and song performances, for many weeks”, says Agustín Milanesio, a Glober that traveled to Goa.

The event kicked off with Ganesh Vandana, a prayer that invokes Shri Ganesa, an hindu God of all beginnings.Also, during the event, some Globers were awarded for their 5 years anniversary at Globant.

Later, kids had the opportunity to perform, sing and dance. Finally, the DJ came to scene and got the party started! Agustín explains:

Ovations didn’t wait much… in the office, fellowship is remarkable.

The following day, Globers had free day to relax, enjoy and keep on walking around Goa: its beautiful beaches, hotel activities, games and watersports.

Finally, the trip came to an end and Globers, all happy after the 4 day adventure they had experienced together, had to say goodbye to Goa and go back to Pune. Agustín then concluded:

It was an awesome experience, especially for those – like me – who come from LATAM. We could feel part of this office no matter where we came from.


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